Chain Lightning Ties Nexgen

by | August 9, 2012, 9:53am 0

Lightning Storms Suspend Game at Nines

The bus stops here in the ATL. The Nexgen Tour rolled into Atlanta last night. The local Ultimate community rolled out too, checking out how this year’s all stars traveling team stacks up against the neighborhood favs, Chain Lightning.  But it wasn’t just the bus and the Ultimate community that rolled in. It was still sunny and sticky when the stadium starting filling. Perfect weather for lazy floaters to get skyed. Players from as far away as Nashville drove in to see the matchup.

Grandma, There’s A Disc in Your Hair

The wide-demographic fan-base made it seem more like the Harlem Globetrotters had come to play the Washington Generals. Fans wanted to see a show. They got it and a light show in the Georgia sky. There were grandmas and babies competing with eager high school players for good seats at Emory University’s soccer stadium were hot and sticky. The windsock on top of Emory’s hospital hung limp during the first 30 minutes of heated play, giving Hotlanta it’s deserved rep and testing teams’ stamina as the lead changed hands.

Bus Lag

On the line, in a head to head comparison, it looked like Chain brought a bigger, rangeier group of guys. They definitely brought their A Chain game. Intense play, with very little stoppage, was spectacular. Elliott Erickson played way over his head for Chain, and Jimmy Mickle looked sharp for Nexgen.  After more multiple lead changes Chain took half. But that’s when the clouds starting to roll in from the East, and the windsock pointed straight toward the field. With the score tied at 9, the game was called for lightning. Soon after goober-size rain drops began pelting the scattering fans and players.

Chained by Lightning

Tonight’s game is re-scheduled for an earlier start-time, 6:45 PM. An earlier start time may mean an earlier huck time too, since it’s a full game to 15. Get those long-ball scores on the board early and often: there’s a 60% chance of rain. No matter which chain of lightning shows up at the Emory Soccer Stadium tonight, the bus blows West tomorrow toward Austin, Texas and Doublewide.

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