Quotes: Chesapeake Day 1

by | August 26, 2012, 4:52am 0

Here are some of the things we heard from Saturday play at Chesapeake

Brett Matzuka to Matt Bode: “You know how you talk about all those guys that are sick, and nasty? Be like the them, they play through it.” Referring to the arguments and fouls on the field. Bode was all over James Pollard of Boost Mobile on universe point. After a throwaway on the break side by Pollard, Ring of Fire struck deep for the win.

“I think Tyler Degirolamo is the best player in the world.” – Isaac Saul. After four hours of sleep Degirolamo almost brought Oakland to several wins but Pittsburgh would go winless on Saturday. The difference between his play in college and now is remarkable, maybe he just plays better with better players.

“I’ve never lost that bad.” – Mischa Freystaetter, referring to Florida United’s loss to Boost Mobile. While they lost that game 13-4, Florida did have a major upset on the day taking down Sub Zero 13-11. Despite the big win, they would be relegated to 4th place in their pool, losing to Streetgang in the quarters.

“This one is for Skyd” – Tim Gilligan of Streetgang on the pull.

While Ironside cruised, George Stubbs was busy booming about coaching the Junior Worlds team. After all the other things he’s done, Stubbs was still really excited to have brought home the gold.

Lots of exciting results on day 1, lots of bid talk to come. Look for our coverage in the following days.


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