Skyd Power Rankings: Club Open (08/16/12)

by | August 16, 2012, 1:41pm 0

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Is Ironside the favorite to win it all?

In our first edition of power rankings, Ironside has claimed our number one spot. At ECC they demolished the majority of their competition without their top player and captain George Stubbs. The one black mark on their season is the loss to Rhino, but convincing wins over Revolver and Sockeye are more than enough to make up for a universe point loss.

More near the top…

While Revolver is accustomed to being the top dog, they will only pass Ironside with an absolutely dominant performance at Labor Day or a Boston slip up at Chesapeake Invite. Johnny Bravo is still sitting high after impressive early season performances but their hold on that position is tenuous with Doublewide, Sockeye and Chain Lightning coming on the horizon. While Atlanta did lose to Truck Stop at Terminus, they rebounded to crush in the finals, giving them the boost over Rhino.

Those expected to move..

Speaking of Rhino, you can’t curse a team too much for just plain winning, which is why we have them in the five slot. Along with other teams, Portland was missing top players at Emerald City Classic, which means we could see a bigger peak. However, their strength of schedule at ECC wasn’t overwhelming so it is just as possible that they will down after  Labor Day. Doublewide was missing their top two players and then some last weekend yet still managed to put together a solid performance. Expect them to be reshuffled through the rest of the season.


Ring of Fire at five? Not too hard to believe for a team that finished in quarters last year, but none the less higher than Sockeye or Doublewide; Ring has been playing well on the back of Brett Matzuka. GOAT all the way at fourteen may be another surprise because they made quarters last year, but life after Hassell and a short roster at ECC resulted in a dismal performance. Lastly, we don’t know what to do with Southpaw. Since this captures current strength of teams and we have no results from them yet, we have them ranked low. They have snuck their way into quarters the last two years, but last year’s regular season would have had them not even ranked in the top 16. Definitely a team with potential to move.


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