Skyd Power Rankings: Club Open (08/30/12)

by | August 30, 2012, 12:09pm 0

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Still the one… Ironside

Boston Ironside stays at number with their dominant performance at the Chesapeake Invite, where no opponent scored double digits on the Boston all weekend.  The only team capable of replacing them as the number one team in the country is Johnny Bravo, who is undefeated this season. With no games left until the Series, we’ll be holding our breath to see if this is indeed Ironside’s year.

Moving on up… GOAT

Toronto GOAT moved up from 14th to 10th from our last set of rankings. The biggest reason for their bump is the comeback win over Chain Lightning where they overcame a five point deficit to win 15-14 on double game point. Cam Harris played wonderfully, and they weren’t at full strength as Mark Lloyd and Adrian Yearwood were out. Even without John Hassell, GOAT is looking like a team fighting for quarters.

No longer extinct… Condors

The Santa Barbara Condors have not only held on to a strength bid after their play at Chesapeake Invite but have made their way into our top 16. Their two biggest wins were by beating PoNY twice, once on universe. The Condors aren’t, however, off of the endangered species list just yet: with possibly only two bids for the Southwest, and Revolver likely to take one of them, Boost Mobile and Streetgang will be on the prowl to steal the bid to Nationals.

Exit stage right and just not invited… PoNY and Madison Club

PoNY was the only team to exit out top 16 ranking, and rightly so. New York has no signature wins yet this season but no ridiculous losses either. The absence of Dan Heijman and Jack Marsh put too much strain on a squad that already wasn’t deep. At full strength this is a top 16 team, but it might not matter if they end up at 17th in the USAU ranking. Without that third bid, New York might miss Sarasota for a second straight year.

Madison Club didn’t make our list simply because they have yet to beat anyone of merit. They may be helping the North Central get an extra bid at this time, but we don’t see them as a top 16 team. Labor Day could either spell disaster or surprise us if Madison does well. Every point matters towards getting that strength bid.


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