Skyd Power Rankings: Club Open (09/06/12)

by | September 6, 2012, 11:39am 0

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Climbing the Fence

Sockeye and Doublewide both moved up in the ranking after Labor Day. Sockeye rose six spots while Doublewide jumped five spots into our top four teams. This should be no surprise as both are expected to be contending for at least semifinals in Sarasota. Sockeye has chemistry on their side while Doublewide has used their height and athleticism to impressive results. We’ll see if either team can stay high after both face competitive Regionals.

Standing Pat 

After all the speculation of whether their U.S. Open performance was  a fluke, Johnny Bravo advanced to the title game at Labor Day. Their only two losses on the season have come to Seattle Sockeye while defeating Chain Lightning and Doublewide along the way. While the semifinal win over Doublewide is most impressive, we will likely see a rematch at South Central Regionals.

Free Falling 

Ring of Fire was in free fall after winning only one game at Labor Day. They fell five spots after losing to Madcow and Madison Club. This is certainly not the team we saw after Chesapeake, but when you’re down to 17 players on the weekend, a sub par performance can be expected.

Last team in… Boost Mobile?

When the last three teams considered all had brutal tournaments recently, it becomes difficult to narrow down who to take. Southpaw, Boost Mobile and PoNY all had lackluster weekends (PoNY at Chesapeake, Southpaw and Boost Mobile at Labor Day), and really had no way of differentiating themselves. In the end, we had to go with the team that did the least… bad.  We almost know with certainty that at least one of these Southwest teams in our ranking isn’t going to make it, but for now, Boost Mobile is our 16th team.

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