Friday Dumps: Time Square, Paganello, Your Kiss

by | March 29, 2013, 3:26pm 0

Apparently Friday Dumps are not only editorials but also where I complain about stuff.

We’re in Times Square, Baby

This image graced THE Times Square to push the announcement of USAU’s ESPN deal. Are we mainstream yet? Does it even matter? USA Ultimate signs a big deal with a big name in sports. Yes, ultimate is a sport. We already knew that and now someone at ESPN is smart enough to accept it (hint: it’s because a lot of people are catching on). Us old timers will look back at more selfish times when we played the game for our own glory, the way we wanted to play it. Not because we wanted recognition from some jackhole that thinks poker is a sport and ultimate isn’t. (Sorry, I apologize. I’m alienating readers.)


Will someone please buy me a flight to Paganello. Every year the same group of ultimate fanatics head to Rimini, Italy to participate in one of the showiest beach tournaments in the world. These folks are even so folded up in themselves that they’ve set up a livestream and are forcing us unfortunate souls not hanging out on the beach to watch it. At least Skyd’s Liam Rosen is able to enjoy the sun* (*rain).

Your Kiss

The internet has run out of ultimate videos for today. So I’m posting a classic video by a couple real life all-stars named Daryl Hall and John Oats:

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