AUDL Inactive List: Week 3

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Russell Westbrook isn’t the only one that won’t be playing this weekend. Ten of twelve AUDL teams have submitted inactive player lists for the weekend, whether they’re missing because of college team commitments, injuries, or other approved absences some teams will be traveling lighter this week. Rochester will be the lightest, bringing only 16 players to their games in Philadelphia and Washington DC.  Minnesota will have their three Sub Zero players back that missed last weekend, including Josh Klane, whose team will also be playing Conferences this weekend. AUDL leading Goals leader Cameron Brock will be in action against his former teammates league leader in Assists Brodie Smith and league leader in D’s Jonathan Helton, in what should be a good game to watch in Indianapolis. In the Eastern Conference the Toronto Rush will be in New York playing the Empire, which will showcase two of the strongest teams in the East. Both teams will have fairly full rosters, so it should provide an accurate picture of how the season should go.

Inactive List

DC Breeze

  • Tim Spiridonov
  • Kevin Connolly
  • Isaac Julien
  • Owen Williams
  • Brad Tinney
  • Zach Norrbom

Detroit Mechanix

  • James Highsmith
  • Christo Ferguson
  • Evan Hughes
  • Johnny Bansfield
  • Zach Barnhart
  • Marc Huber
  • Michael Weber

Indianapolis AlleyCats

  • Chris Malackny
  • Stevie Hightshue
  • Luke Broderick
  • Peter Carleton
  • Sajed Dosenbach

Madison Radicals

  • Tyler Glenn
  • Kevin Brown
  • Brian Hart
  • Thomas Coolidge
  • Kelsen Alexander
  • Andrew Meshnick
  • Scott Richgels
  • Kevin Pettit-Scantling

Minnesota Wind Chill

  • Jake McKean
  • Brandon Matis
  • Dan Kaler
  • Nick Simonelli
  • Joe Simonelli
  • David Wenzel
  • Scott Boehm
  • James Hron

New Jersey Hammerheads

  •  Nathan Tegeler
  • Charlie Patton
  • Hye-Nam Gehring
  • Quinn Hunziker
  • Andrew Misthos
  • John Lee
  • Jacob Price

New York Empire

  • Sean Childers
  • Dan Huebner
  • Greg Somerville
  • Phillip Kaye
  • Chris Grener
  • Brad Hess

Philadelphia Phoenix

  • Kenny Wells
  • Kyle Wolf
  • Sean Anderson
  • Charles Harrity
  • Ryan Forster
  • Sam Cocchia
  • Kevin Chiang
  • Nicolas LoPresto
  • Steve Rosso
  • Jeff Andrews
  • Chen Zhou
  • Stephen Magerr
  • Will Hoehne
  • Mike Coughlin

Rochester Dragons

  • KJ Dziak
  • Kevin Rhie
  • Dave Abbott
  • Connor Fortin
  • Dave Wheeler
  • CJ Colicchio
  • Tim Kominos
  • Ian Dapace
  • Neil Butler
  • Eric Dixon
  • Mitchell Steiner
  • Doug Urbino
  • Kevin Quinlan
  • Greg Wakeman
  • Rob Smith
  • Zack Smith
  • Joe Becker
  • Kevin Hoercher
  • Evan Meccarello (playing Saturday only)
  • Joe Thompson (playing Sunday only)

Toronto Rush

  • Ricky Szeto
  • Geoff Powell
  • Calum Mackenzie
  • Nima Mostaghimi
  • Eamon Pinto
  • Liam Bradford
  • Willem Maessen

Windy City Wildfire

  • George Hughes-Strange
  • Gary Ledonne
  • Zubair Abdulla
  • Kevin Yngve
  • James Roush
  • Jonathan Hatcher (playing Saturday only)
  • Greg Poeppelman (playing Saturday only)
  • Gary Gareis (playing Sunday only)
  • Cullen Geppert (playing Sunday only)

No reports were available for Cincinnati at the time this article was published.

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