Friday Dumps: Muddy Layouts, New Trick Shots, The Pros

by | April 26, 2013, 12:03pm 0

  • Happy Friday, fellow ulti-mates! Everyone knows what April showers bring, right? May flowers! Muddy layouts! Good thing the tournament (Deep Freeze) wasn’t too true to its name, otherwise this layout would go from muddy to malignant in no time flat. (Yes, Deep Freeze was in February, but the video was posted April 21, so just go with it.)
  • Despite a busy professional schedule, Brodie Smith has somehow found time to travel overseas to China to bring you the latest episode of his infamous trick-shot videos! Some of you may have just rolled your eyes after reading that last sentence, some of you may have gotten a little giddy with excitement. Either way, whether you love the guy or loathe him, Brodie’s back.
  • Another exciting week in the AUDL and MLU. More Saturday-Sunday double-headers for four teams in the AUDL (Chicago, Cincinnati  Rochester, Toronto), and the MLU will feature a Sunday showcase game between Portland and Vancouver, which gives the Stags and Nighthawks doubleheaders this weekend. So get ready and excited for an action-packed weekend the same way ESPN does, Top 10’s and featured highlights!

AUDL Top 10 Plays – Week 2

MLU Catch of the Week

MLU Offensive Play of the Week

MLU Defensive Play of the Week

  • For those with a bit more time on their hands on this final day of the work week; extended game highlights of the Wildfire v. Radicals barn-burner and full game footage from MLU:


Chicago Wildfire v. Madison Radicals Highlights

MLU (listed in reverse order of run time for maximum procrastination efficiency):

Portland Stags @ SF Dogfish

Philadelphia Spinners @ DC Current

Vancouver Nighthawks @ Seattle Rainmakers

NY Rumble @ Boston Whitecaps

  • Really? There’s REALLY more time in the workday, after watching all the great stuff listed above, to put off any forms of “work” and check out more ultimate vids? Impressive. Have some more full-game coverage, this time from the AUDL tilt between the NY Empire and Rochester Dragons:

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