Monday Dumps: WFDF Rules, MLU Teaser, NexGen Lineup

by | April 15, 2013, 8:53am 0

  • WFDF announced pandemic rule changes for teams competing in WFDF sponsored events. Under the new regulations, teams will be required to have up to 14 “rules accredited” players per team. If this sounds like you, start here!
  • 13 teams descended on Randolph, NJ for the Indoor Ultimate Championships on April 6-7, in hopes to earn themselves the title of champions. Follow eventual crown-holders DTH and all the other teams in action in this highlight video from Aaron Bourcier.
  • Mom always said, “Save the best for last.” Unlike our teenage selves, today we listened. Today’s dumps culminate in the biggest story to hit the ulti-sphere this week: the release of the 2013 NexGen Tour Roster.

Monday Dumps have been brought to you by the word: anticipation. From the MLU building it, to the NexGen Tour relieving it, anticipation is really swirling. Still not enough? The city of Ghent, Gentle, and Get Horizontal got you! Get giddy again with this teaser video for G-Spot 2013. Guess Monday’s dumps were also brought to you by the letter “G”…

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