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by | April 9, 2013, 12:00pm 0

The popularity of the game cannot be denied. Over a million participated in the ESPN forum from the most recent NFL season alone. There’s even one for cricket at this point. “Fantasy” games have completely exploded in online popularity in only a few short years. Relatively simple rules allow for all ages to follow their favorite players week after week. Fantasy football has brought a level of pandemic involvement from viewers to the NFL like never before. Bears fans cheering for Packers players, AFC fans cheering for the NFC, even teams that have no formal rivalry or connection are becoming connected, by fantasy. This level of commitment to one’s fantasy players in turn exponentially increases one’s interest in the game of football. And it’s time for ultimate get in on that. Enter

As dictated by the emergence of pro leagues such as the AUDL and MLU as well as major steps forward in coverage by USAU, it is obvious the current goal for ultimate is maximum exposure. A fantasy ultimate game kicks exposure into high gear by creating an opportunity for those who may not normally have a great interest in professional ultimate to suddenly become glued to the computer and TV screen on game days. Studies have shown, if you want to make a topic more interesting and engaging to the audience, make it a competition. Louis “Lou” Abramowski has obviously taken like considerations to heart, or at least has played enough fantasy himself to know it’s value. As a coach of famed Hopkins HS, Lou at the very least has had plenty of time on the sidelines. Creator of The Ultimate Page on Facebook, Abramowski proudly announced his newest endeavor to be launched before this weekend’s opening games of the 2013 AUDL season,

The free-to-use site allows ultimate fans to choose seven players for their fantasy lineup each week and includes players from all 12 AUDL teams.

Positive points are awarded for goals scored, assists, and D’s, with negative points for turns. With one exception. Users may choose to select a certain player in their lineup as “negative”. Fantasy players selected as negative would see their points reversed, either negatively or positively, during the tally of the total team score. Passive aggressive revenge: completed.

Just in case the thrill of beating your friends at a made up sideline game isn’t enough, there will be prizes awarded at the end of each week, as well as at the end of the season, for the highest scoring fantasy team(s). AUDL team jerseys will grace the weekly winners, and the overall season high team score will receive a $500 Grand Prize package with products from Friction Gloves, Core Power Protein, Chasing Sarasota, and more in addition to a custom AUDL jersey.

The latest launch cleared up all the bugs and performance issues experienced by the users (overachievers) already signed up on the site. Additionally, Facebook integration allows users to see which of their friends have signed up to ensure at least some level of trash talk (for instance, team “The Powers that Be” ain’t got nothin’).

Don’t let your geographical locale or lack of gas money stop you from following along with all the action any longer! Do what over 5K fans have done in just over a week and connect to instead, follow along each week with the AUDL, and let the passive aggression and trash talking begin!

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