AUDL Inactive List: Week 4

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Some big names are missing out in this week’s action in the AUDL. Most notably Cameron Brock won’t be playing, nor will he be for the foreseeable future. Brock will be out 4-6 weeks after spending time in the hospital for a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Luckily no aneurysm was found, and Brock is keeping his spirits up and looking forward to returning to the field later this season. Ken Porter will be missing a crucial two game homestand for the Detroit Mechanix. Luckily the teams the Mechanix are playing will be missing some of their better players as well. On Saturday they’ll play the Wind Chill, who won’t have Grant Lindsley, Josh Klane, Kevin Seiler, or either of the Simonelli brothers. Playing a #2 ranked Madison team on the road and then in Detroit the next day will be tough for Minnesota, and they could end up with a 1-4 record that might be too much to come back from. On Sunday Detroit will be playing a Cincinnati squad with Kevin Reichert or Chris Powers, two of the players who were most instrumental in keeping Cincinnati in the game for so long against Windy City last Sunday. The Rush will be missing Jeff Lindquist and Adrian Yearwood against the Hammerheads Saturday night in the showcase game, but they’ll be playing at home so they should still be able to take care of the Hammerheads. Even with the injuries and inactive players, every team will be carrying a 20 man roster to each of their games this weekend. So while teams have players they’d rather be on the field than inactive this week, rest assured their opponents feel the same way.

Cincinnati Revolution

  • Will Huffer
  • Lucas Tarnowski
  • Chris Powers
  • Eric Converse
  • Matt Glenn
  • Nigel Daniels
  • Kevin Reichert

DC Breeze

  • Paul Butterfoss
  • Zach Norrbom
  • Josh Mull
  • Evan Feeney
  • Tim Spiridonov
  • Kevin Connolly
  • Charles Yu
  • Carlos Rodriguez

Detroit Mechanix

  • Zach Barnhart
  • Ken Porter
  • Christopher Auman
  • Zach Johnston
  • Tyler Bloodworth
  • Mike Zaagman

Indianapolis AlleyCats

  • Cameron Brock
  • Chris Malackany
  • Luke Broderick
  • Sajed Dosenbach
  • Steve Hightsue

Madison Radicals

  • Kevin Brown
  • Brian Hart
  • Thomas Coolidge
  • Kelsen Alexander
  • Andrew Meshnick
  • Scott Richgels
  • Clay Schelitzche
  • Kevin Pettit-Scantling

Minnesota Wind Chill

  • Brandon Matis
  • Grant Lindsley
  • Joe Brisbois
  • Joe Simonelli
  • Josh Klane
  • Nick Simonelli
  • Pat Niles (playing Friday only)
  • Josh Bergen (playing Friday only)
  • Kevin Seiler (playing Friday only)
  • Neal Hanke (playing Saturday only)
  • David Wenzel (playing Saturday only)

New Jersey Hammerheads

  • Matt Weintraub
  • Charlie Patten
  • Jibran Miser
  • Quinn Hunziker
  • Andrew Misthos
  • Jacob Price
  • Scott Xu
  • Kevin Venose

New York Empire

  • Sean Childers
  • Gabriel Hage
  • Nicolas Dacey
  • Brenton Hard
  • Ben Ivers
  • Alexander Daskalakis
  • Eliot Bemis
  • Brad Hess

Philadelphia Phoenix

  • Sean Anderson
  • Charles Harrity
  • Ryan Forster
  • Kevin Chiang
  • Nicolas LoPresto
  • Steve Rosso
  • Jeff Andrews
  • Chen Zhou
  • Josh Stover
  • Samuel Esser
  • Robert Allan
  • Jack Aubin
  • Brandon Reddin
  • Darryl Stanley

Rochester Dragons

  • Dan McCune
  • David Ferraro
  • Dan Wang
  • Kevin Rhie
  • Zack Smith
  • Neil Butler
  • Mitchell Steiner

Toronto Rush

  • Jeff Lindquist
  • Adrian Yearwood
  • Cameron Harris
  • Geoff Powell
  • Eamon Pinto
  • Willem Maessen

Windy City Wildfire

  • Bob Liu
  • Craig Poppelman
  • Alex Gareis
  • James Roush
  • Jimmy Robin
  • Kevin Yngve
  • Ron Kubalanza
  • Zubair Abdulla


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