AUDL Inactive List: Week 5

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This week the Empire embark on a two game road trip missing a few of their best players, Jack Marsh, Izzy Bryant, and Seth Canetti among others. The Mechanix will have to hold off the Revolution without Dave Hochhalter, Ben Ayres, and Mark Worsfold. The Wildfire will have their full contingent on hand for their most important road trip of the season in Minnesota and Madison.

In the AUDL each team is allowed a roster of 28 players, but only 20 can be active for any one game. This is much like how in the NBA 15 players are allowed on each roster, but only 12 can be active at a time.


Cincinnati Revolution

Eric Converse

Jon Swartling

Lucas Tarnowski

Neil Narayan

Nigel Daniels

Russell Allen

Ryan Sitler

Will Huffer


Detroit Mechanix

Dave Hochhalter

Mark Worsfold

Zach Johnston

Ben Ayres

Matt Wilken

Marc Huber

Christo Ferguson

Monte Jones


Madison Radicals

Jadon Scullion

Thomas Coolidge

Kelsen Alexander

Andrew Meshnick

Brian Hart

Eric Alexander

Scott Richgels


Minnesota Wind Chill

Dan Kaler

Ashton Robinson

Jay Drescher

Grant Lindsley

Brandon Matis

Joe Simonelli

Joe Brisbois

Tyler Brickle

Rob Johnson

Scott Boehm

Timmy Setterberg

Dan Hunt


New Jersey Hammerheads

Kenny Calello

Jacob Price

Jonathan Lee

Scott Xu

Andrew Misthos (inactive Saturday only)

Hye-Nam Gehring (inactive Saturday only)

Jason Thompson (inactive Saturday only)

Will Weiss (inactive Sunday only)

Albert Alarcon (inactive Sunday only)

Dustin Sullivan (inactive Sunday only)


New York Empire

Brad Hess

Brenton Hard

Izzy Bryant

Seth Canetti

Jack Marsh

Taylor Brooks

Ben Ivers (inactive Saturday only)

Mike Drost (inactive Saturday only)

Alon Brown (inactive Saturday only)

Eliot Bemis (inactive Sunday only)

Alexander Daskalakis (inactive Sunday only)

Dan Huebner (inactive Sunday only)


Philadelphia Phoenix

Sean Anderson

Charles Harrity

Breton Dietrich

Brandon Redden

Robert Allan

Nicolas LoPresto

Steve Rosso

Jeff Andrews

Chen Zhou

Josh Stover

Dave Hampson

John Stavinga


Rochester Dragons

Dan McCune

Dan Wang

Kevin Rhie

Mitchell Steiner

Neil Butler

KJ Dziak

Greg Wakerman


Toronto Rush

Isiah Masek-Kelly

Matt Penman

Nima Mostaghimi

Ricky Szeto

Eamon Pinto

Calum Mackenzie


Windy City Wildfire

Greg Slover

James Roush

Jimmy Robin

Kevin Yngve

Alex Gareis

Zubair Abdulla

Craig Poppelman

Gary Ledonne (inactive Saturday only)

Johnny Hock (inactive Sunday only)


The Indianapolis AlleyCats have a bye week, and as of publishing time the DC Breeze had not yet reported which players would be active for their game against the Hammerheads on Sunday.

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