AUDL Preview & Inactive List: Week 6

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This week the biggest games are in the Midwest, with the Detroit Mechanix embarking on a two game road trip to Madison and Minnesota. Playing at home the Mechanix were able to beat both these teams, we’ll see if they return the favor this weekend. The Mechanix will be without Ben Ayres and Andrew Lucarotti, but return most of their players that were missing last week, including Dave Hochhalter and Mark Worsfold. A 1-1 trip would have to be considered a success for the Mechanix, who are fighting to stay at third in the Midwest. It’s a must win for the Wind Chill, who are only 1-5 on the season, though they will be without Grant Lindsley again, who has only played one game so far for Minnesota. The Cincinnati Revolution travel to Indianapolis to take on the AlleyCats, and the big news this game is the return of Cameron Brock. Brock was expected to miss another 2-3 weeks, but returns for the beginning of the AlleyCats miniseries with the Revolution, they play three times over the next two weeks. Though Indianapolis will be missing Jared Payne, their leading assister, this is almost a must win game for the ‘Cats if they hope to make the playoffs.

In the Eastern Conference the Philadelphia Phoenix travel to DC to play the Breeze. The Breeze were surprisingly resilient in their game against the Phoenix in Philadelphia, especially given that they’d played in New York the day before. The Phoenix didn’t pull away until the fourth quarter, winning 23-18. A win would be big for the Breeze and vault them into playoff discussion, but they’ll have to do it without Justin Solis, the teams leading goal scorer. The Hammerheads are playing the New York Empire, and despite missing their Stevens Tech players to D-III Nationals, New Jersey is playing with a fairly full roster. The Rush travel to Rochester to play the Dragons, and will be without Mark Lloyd, the team’s leader in goals and d’s.

Remember, in the AUDL each team is allowed a roster of 28 players, but only 20 can be active for any one game. So each team can have a full roster of 20 active while leaving eight inactive. The inactive players are either players with injuries, other commitments, or players trying to play their way onto the active squad. This is much like how in the NBA 15 players are allowed on each roster, but only 12 can be active at a time.

Cincinnati Revolution

  • Eric Converse
  • Eddie Mack
  • Kevin Kula
  • Lucas Tarnowski
  • Matt Glenn
  • Russell Allen
  • Nate Botti
  • Neil Narayan

DC Breeze

  • Eric Clarkson
  • David Zurberchen
  • Charles Yu
  • Greg Esser
  • Justin Solis
  • Brad Tinney
  • Matthew Radhe
  • Owen Williams

Detroit Mechanix

  • John Abela
  • Andrew Lucarotti
  • Ben Ayres
  • Matt Wilken
  • Christo Ferguson

Indianapolis AlleyCats

  • Casey Bybee
  • Dustin Hughes
  • Jared Payne
  • Kyle Cox
  • Robbie Craven
  • Steven Hightsue

Madison Radicals

  • Tyler Glenn
  • Thomas Coolidge
  • Kelsen Alexander
  • Andrew Meshnick
  • Brian Hart
  • Kevin Brown
  • Scott Richgels

Minnesota Wind Chill

  • Dan Kaler
  • Ashton Robinson
  • Grant Lindsley
  • Brandon Matis
  • Joe Simonelli
  • Tyler Brickle
  • Rob Johnson
  • Scott Boehm
  • Timmy Setterberg
  • Dan Hunt
  • Neal Hanke
  • David Wenzel

New Jersey Hammerheads

  • Kenny Calello
  • Charlie Patten
  • Jonathan Lee
  • Eric Huang
  • Andrew Misthos
  • Marquez Brownlee

New York Empire

  • Ben Ivers
  • Greg Somerville
  • Andrew Schwartz
  • Alexander Daskalakis
  • Dan Huebner
  • Brad Hess
  • Brenton Hard
  • Joe Babbino
  • Gabriel Hage
  • Jack Marsh

Philadelphia Phoenix

  • Zachary Thurston
  • Jack Aubin
  • Ryan Forster
  • Brandon Redden
  • Kyle Wolf
  • Nicolas LoPresto
  • Kenny Wells
  • Mike Coughlin
  • Chen Zhou
  • Michael Reeves
  • Matthery Hurray
  • Matthew Stavinga

Rochester Dragons

  • Zack Smith
  • Kevin Hoercher
  • Kevin Rhie
  • Joe Becker
  • Neil Butler
  • KJ Dziak
  • Connor Fortin
  • Ian Dipace

Toronto Rush

  • Adrian Yearwood
  • Matt Penman
  • Nima Mostaghimi
  • Mark Lloyd
  • Eamon Pinto
  • Phil Watanabe

The Windy City Wildfire have a bye week and are waiting to hear word on Brodie Smith’s MRI.

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