AUDL Preview & Inactive List: Week 10

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This week in the Eastern Conference the Phoenix have a rematch in Philadelphia of last Sunday’s game with the Empire. The Phoenix comeback last Sunday fell just short, but their play in the second half gives them some momentum going into the game. The Phoenix will be missing Kenny Wells, who was a goal scoring machine in their victory over the Breeze last Saturday. The next day the Empire travel to DC to play there for the first time this season. Road trip teams are 3-16 on the second game of the trip when playing fresh opponents, but in their two games against the Breeze this season the Empire have won by an average margin of 12. The Dragons are going to Toronto, and there might be a chance for an upset. The Rush are 9-0, and they’re undoubtedly going to finish first in the conference. With the Rush missing Mark Lloyd, Cameron Harris, Jeff Lindquist, and Adrian Yearwood the Rush reserves are going to have to step up. A win for the Dragons put them at .500 for the first time this season, but the Rush are the deepest team in the league, and won’t go down easy in front of the home crowd. With Thomson McKnight and Isaiah Masek-Kelly active the Rush still have star power and remain favorites, though the game will be closer than expected.

In the Midwestern Conference the UXtv game of the week between the Wildfire and Wind Chill will be missing some big names. Brodie Smith is still recovering from an injury, and several Wildfire players are attending a wedding this weekend. They’ll be playing without AJ Nelson, Brett Kolinek, Kevin Kelly, Geoff Serednesky, and Bob Liu. Jonathan Helton and Cullen Geppert will have to carry an extra heavy load against a Minnesota team hungry for a win. A win in Chicago would be huge for the Wind Chill, and keep them in the playoff conversation. A loss wouldn’t eliminate them entirely, but it would be a missed opportunity. Unfortunately for the Wind Chill the Radicals will also be shorthanded during their road trip this weekend. Madison is playing Indianapolis on Sunday after playing in Cincinnati Saturday. A Radicals victory would be a boon to Minnesota’s playoff hopes, and though the Radicals will be missing some of their top players, Brian Hart will be active for the first time this year.


Cincinnati Revolution

  • Andrew Foley
  • Ben Sage
  • Eric Converse
  • Jon Swartling
  • Mark Federenko
  • Matt Glenn
  • Todd Chamberlain

Indianapolis AlleyCats

  • Josh Botti
  • Sajed Dosenbach
  • Chris Elworth
  • Luke Broderick
  • Steve LaCrosse
  • Joey Cari
  • Alex Basham
  • Casey Bybee

Madison Radicals

  • Dave Wiseman
  • Jesse Rohowetz
  • Nate Thibedeau
  • David Schleicher
  • Tyler Glenn
  • Nate Volkmann
  • Eric Alexander
  • Andrew Meshnick

Minnesota Wind Chill

  • Neal Hanke
  • Jeff Trosvig
  • Brandon Matis
  • Joe Brisbois
  • Jonathan Staron
  • Joe Simonelli
  • Pat Jensen
  • James Hron
  • Grant Lindsley
  • Tyler Brickle
  • Dan Hunt

New Jersey Hammerheads

  • Andrew Misthos
  • Albert Alarcon
  • Kyle Golrick
  • Dustin Sullivan
  • Jason Thompson
  • Kevin Venrose
  • Hye-Nam Ghreng

New York Empire

  • Eliot Bemis-Inactive Sunday only
  • Joe Oullette-Inactive Sunday only
  • Brenton Hard-Inactive Sunday only
  • Nicolas Dacey-Inactive Saturday only
  • Sam Ross-Inactive Saturday only
  • Porter Bishop-Inactive Saturday only
  • Gabriel Hage
  • Jack Marsh
  • Aaron Bell
  • Alexander Daskalakis
  • Chris Grener

Philadelphia Phoenix

  • Kevin Chiang
  • Kenny Wells
  • Sam Cocchia
  • Brett Sawyer
  • Sam Esser
  • Dave Hampson
  • Jeff Andrews
  • Charles Harrity
  • John Stavinga
  • Chris Pokorney
  • Jimmy Zuraw

Rochester Dragons

  • David Ferraro
  • Kevin Rhie
  • Harrison Schwarzer
  • Lee Semrau
  • Zack Smith
  • Greg Wakeman
  • Dan Wang
  • Neil Butler
  • Mitchell Steiner

Toronto Rush

  • Eamon Pinto
  • Mark Lloyd
  • Adrian Yearwood
  • Nima Mostaghimi
  • Cameron Harris
  • Jeff Lindquist

Windy City Wildfire

  • George Hughes-Strange
  • Ron Kubalanza
  • Brett Kolinek
  • AJ Nelson
  • Alex Gareis
  • Kevin Kelly
  • Geoff Serednesky
  • Bill Finn
  • Rob Greenberg
  • John Kolb
  • Brodie Smith
  • Bob Liu

The DC Breeze did not submit a roster for the weekend, and the Detroit Mechanix are on a bye week.

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