RISE UP: Amsterdam Conference To Wow

by | June 5, 2013, 7:06pm 0

RISE UP: Amsterdam is going to be a big deal. I’m not just saying that as a stakeholder (co-founder of RISE UP), I’m saying it because it’s a fact. RISE UP’s lead, Mario O’Brien, along with Coach Ben Wiggins and Andy Lovseth and myself have been planning for over 6 months now to make RISE UP: Amsterdam (taking place this Monday-Thursday) an incredible experience. I believe the camp will be the most professionally run and valuable ultimate education event ever in the history of the sport, but that’s not what I’m especially jazzed about. The RISE UP Conference is going to be a huge achievement for the sport.

Very much in the spirit of March’s Ultimate Coaches and Players Conference, RISE UP’s Conference, day 3 of the total camp event, brings 10 RISE UP coaches together to present on topics ranging from developing defenders to game tape analyzing techniques. All of this is taking place in a beautiful theater called Comedy Theater in de Nes in the heart of Amsterdam that will seat a 150 plus international ultimate audience. Besides the professional stage, RISE UP will be at hand to film and produce each talk for season to be distributed on RISE UP’s website. These pieces rolled up into on package is what makes this so fantastic. Why? Because something like this hasn’t been done before on this scale. Think the TED: Talks of ultimate featuring some of the brightest minds in the sport. As someone that digs to learn about the sport every day, I’m excited about this.

Below is a list of presentations at the conference. For those in the Amsterdam area, there are still tickets available. I will do my best to provide some updates on twitter and facebook about the conference as it goes on, but everyone will have a chance to see the speakers below either in person or on their computer screen.

  • Ben Wiggins – Developing Great Defenders: Adjusting Coaching and Practice Habits to Build Versatile and Creative Defensive Minds
  • Scott Berens – Make It or Break It: The Critical Steps to Establishing and Developing a Program
  • Mario O’Brien – Breaking a Defensive Heart: The 3 Keys to Breaking the Mark, and How to Practice Them
  • Tyler Kinley – Watch the Thrown: Developing you Game IQ through Video Analysis
  • Sam Harkness – Open Up to Innovate: Process Oriented Goal Setting
  • Jaime Arambula – Dont Throw It to Stone Hands: Using Sports Vision Drills to Combat the Dropsies
  • Ryan Purcell – A Balancing Act: Coaching and Leading…while Playing
  • Andy Lovseth – From Rookie to Baller: In 3 Not-So-Simple Steps
  • Elliot Trotter – Everybody In: How Good Marketing Creates Buy In & Team Unity
  • Jonathan Neeley – Individual Skills Come First: Building a Team System One Fundamental at a Time

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