Skyd Fund 2014: 23 Days – Quest for Gold

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As part of our 2014 Skyd Fundraiser celebrating 3 years of Skyd, we wanted to turn the page back to look at all of the great ultimate work our awesome contributors have put together. The Skyd Staff and contributors will be counting down the days of our fund with their favorite pieces.

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Day 23 – Quest for Gold

2012 was a great year for Bay Area’s Revolver. Coming off their 2nd US championship, Revolver headed to Sakai, Japan to expand their resume at World Champions. Picking up Doublewide’s Kurt Gibson, Revolver seemed positioned for an easy walk to the gold medal, but the challenges they faced rattled the foundations of their confidence.

Thanks to Five Ultimate, Skyd was able to produce a 4-part documentary on their journey (as well as a companion series on San Francisco Fury). Part one was shot in San Francisco and directed by Gil Mcintyre. I produced parts 2-4 in Japan. The experience of being in Japan in the first place was a remarkable experience, but seeing the successes and struggles of an outstanding group of ultimate players was especially a treat.

When I arrived in Sakai, I learned that my bag had been misplaced and wouldn’t arrive for at least 3 days. Without a change of clothes and tripod-less for the majority of the shoot, my bag would not arrive until just a couple days before the conclusion of the tournament. Despite production challenges, the character and competition really shined in each of the documentaries four parts. I, and anyone who has had the privilege to watch Team USA in these videos, appreciate the access and comfort Revolver offered as I followed them around J-Green, the beautiful athletic facility in Sakai. What really stood out, however, was the thoughtfulness, strategy and character Team USA displayed as they fought for something the believed should be theirs.

These documentary segments are some of the first of their kind for ultimate and something that Skyd intends to produce more of in the future. Enjoy:

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