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by | December 11, 2013, 6:33pm 0

A new product for a relatively everyday problem for ultimate players, the Disc Clip allows for the easy transport of a disc everywhere you go.  With the Disc Clip, you won’t need a bag to bring your disc around with you.  It really is as simple as clipping on the key ring and securing your disc in the Disc Clip.  This product has potential to be an effective way to transport discs and display them in stores and ultimate shrines alike.

Style (3/5)

The design of the clip is pretty interesting to look at, but it is simply a piece of twisted metal with a key ring.  As it comes now, it looks very plain, and could use some sense of personalization.  Maybe each team will be able to customize their Disc Clip with their team logo/colors; hopefully a future endeavor for Disc Clip.  The clip does looks good when holding a disc and will beg the question from onlookers of “where did you get that?”

Fit (3.5/5)

The Disc Clip is pretty small and will easily fit in your pocket when not in use, so that is not really an issue.  When in use, the key ring fits on all of the practical straps, loops, and etc. that I have tried it on, without falling off.  The hold on the disc seems to be reliable and after a few shake test of my own, I was satisfied that the disc wouldn’t fall out during a bumpy bike ride or walk to the fields.  Disc Clip did their own “shake test” and the results are promising.  The only problem with the fit is that when not used properly, the discs fell off quite easily.  So, you will have to make sure that you are attaching it and putting the disc in the correct spot.

Hat (1/5)

Not an effective hat.  Won’t protect you from the elements very well.  It could be used as a very effective hat accessory, which definitely deserves at least one point.

Material (4/5)

The Disc Clip is made out of metal, which is somewhat flexible and pretty durable.  Time will tell if the material stands up to the elements, but an early test seems to indicate positively.  The flexibility of the clip allows it to lose its form, but it is fairly easy to reform it to its original effective form.

Features (3/5)

It has a key ring to attach to things, which is useful.  It also holds your disc (surprise!), which is also useful.  Other than that, it lacks customizability (if that really is a word) and other interesting appendages.

Price (5/5)

For $1.99, the Disc Clip is a good investment if you factor in the possibility of misplacing a $10 disc.  If they take my suggestion of customization, I would expect the price to increase as well as the value.

Overall (3/5)

This is a good “stocking stuffer” or small token gift, if that’s what you’re into.  It will do the job of holding onto your discs, with good reliability according to the Disc Clip YouTube videos.  I think that this product has the potential to be an effective ultimate product, used everyday.

Disclip – $1.99

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