Product Review: Five Odyssey Jacket

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Winter has fully hit Madison, Wisconsin, with snow on the ground, sub-zero temperatures in the air, and the offseason in full swing as the holidays approach.  If you ask me, it is the perfect temperature to test some of the new gear that has hit the FIVE Ultimate store.  I enjoyed the task of taking the new threads out for a spin in many situations, from playing Ultimate (duh), to running, training, sleeping, grabbing some drinks with friends, and even spectating at the local roller derby bout.

One disclaimer: I am not a small girl. I am rather lanky, have man-shoulders, and a really short torso.  I am typically a hard girl to please when it comes to what I wear for athletics, because I find it difficult to wear comfortable, yet functional, clothing.

Style (5/5)

I was shocked at not only how functional, but how incredibly fashionable the Odyssey Jacket is.  It layers well over my workout clothes for a run; yet, it still looks good with a pair of slacks for work.   My mom complemented my new shirt at Thanksgiving and asked where she can get one.  If it gets the thumbs up from Mrs. Fennig, you know it looks like it is made of high quality material and is stylish at the same time.

The attention to detail should not be overlooked: dual piping along the zippers and pockets, and a soft velvety strip at the top of the zipper, it does not scratch your neck when it is zipped up all the way, and looks really stylish.

Fit (5/5)

When it comes to playing ability, I was very impressed. The torso of the garment was long enough that it stayed down even when I stretched out as far as I could (with my monkey arms) in a low-release throw.

The arms are long enough for even those of us with the longest of arms to comfortably use the thumbholes (I have a 5’10” wingspan and JUST fit into a women’s medium).  The same holds true for my 6’5” husband, who fit into a men’s large perfectly.

Material (5/5)

It was comfortable, although it is not made of the stretchy Hydro fabric.  The fabric seems durable, although I love it too much to go outside and try laying out in the snow/mud outside of my house in Madison.

Comfort (5/5)

The thumbholes were comfortable and helped my sleeves stay down, even as I layered it under my bulky winter jacket. (Anyone living in cold climates can attest to how annoying it is when your sleeves are bunched up under a winter jacket).

Dave, my husband, has been wearing his non-stop with a varying number of layers underneath.  When I came home on Friday after a work-trip, he had no fewer than three shirts underneath it, and said it was still comfortable, and looked nice for work.

Price (3/5)

It is a little pricey, but for how durable and versatile it is, I would pay the $40 for it.  I have literally worn this item everywhere, and loved it even more every time.

Overall (5/5)

I am super partial to the ¼ zip jacket for Ultimate.  I have had issues laying out in full-zip jackets and breaking the zippers before.  That is a non-issue when the zipper is not around my stomach.

I am also partial to anything I can wear to Ultimate and work at the same time.  Being comfortable wherever I am is a priority for me, and the Odyssey Jacket accomplishes all of these things.

Five Ultimate Odyssey Jacket (Stealth, Desert) – $40

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