Power Rankings: College Open (2/13/14)

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2014 College Tour

The 2014 College Tour is presented by Spin Ultimate

These rankings and the 2014 College Tour are presented by Spin Ultimate.

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#1 North Carolina (AC) – They were expected to sweep through ACCUC and QCTU 14 and they did, besting the likes of #8 Florida, #7 Harvard, and #14 UNC-W along the way. No reason to believe they’re not still the best College team in the country.

#2 Colorado (SC) – A dominant performance at New Year’s Fest over a “semi-pro” Philly Spinners tryout team (among others) means Mamabird got their tournament jobs done, as well. And unless you’ve been living in another galaxy for the past few months, you know Jimmy Mickle is THE face of College ultimate right now. Another dominant performance at Pres Day could move Mama into the coveted #1 spot going forward.

#3 Central Florida (SE) – Despite an early pool play slip-up to LSU, the Dogs of War continued to fight through adversity and took the crown at T-Town. Taking nothing away from LSU, UCF cannot continue to be upset by teams that are far inferior clubs. Mental breakdowns such as the loss to LSU by the UCF players will be something to lookout for down the road. The fact they exacted their revenge in the final may mean future mental breakdowns are imagined more than realized.

#4 Oregon (NW) – The Ducks’ only action of the Spring season came at a local tournament held at the OSU campus in Corvallis. The true test/most revealing results will come at Pres Day this weekend. Will the absence of Honn be a profound as most predict?

#5 Wisconsin (NC) – Inactivity so far in the Spring means the Hodags will stay relatively stationary in the rankings this week. If Wisco moves into the semifinals of Warm-Up unscathed, they could very well find themselves moving up in the rankings next time around. Being the top seed in Pool D means they have a great chance of doing just that, but any unexpected losses before then will seriously hurt their future rankings.

#6 Carleton (NC) – CUT’s pool at Warm-Up could be a bumpy one. Both an improving Florida team (ranked just below them at #8) and #16 Texas A&M make appearances in Pool C with CUT. Good Saturday results could provide the momentum Carleton will need to wade through the other top seeds coming out of the other pools in bracket play on Sunday. Unfavorable results could mean a freefall in the Skyd Top 16.

#7 Harvard (NE) – Saying Red Line’s results in their first Spring tournament were a surprise would be unfair to the preseason #10. A big win over a surging Michigan squad in the semifinals of Queen City and putting up a well-fought 12 points on #1 UNC in the finals moves Harvard up three spots in the Skyd Top 16, and to the top of the Northeast region.

#8 Florida (SE) – Solid results and a finals appearance against #1 UNC at ACCUC sees Florida jump up seven spots this week to #8. Yes, Pitt beat the boys from Gainesville in the final round of pool play on Sat, but that was when their Sunday placement had already been secured. Florida has a great shot to break seed in their pool (Pool C) at Warm-Up. They could find themselves even higher than #8 in the future if they do so and have a good Sunday, as well.

#9 Texas (SC) – More Spring inactivity lending to a fall in rank on the Skyd Top 16. TUFF is ranked third in Pool B at Warm-Up. A failure to break seed could mean a freefall from the rankings for Texas. Driscoll is a wildcard and will need to carry the team on his back in order to get to the Championship bracket on Sunday.

#10 Minnesota (NC) – LOTS to prove at Warm-Up. Same story as the team ranked directly above them (TX). Breaking seed and getting W’s in the Champ bracket on Sunday will solidify Grey Duck’s place in the Skyd Top 16. Not doing so most likely means a complete fallout of future rankings.

#11 Michigan (GL) – A semifinals appearance at QCTU that included an upset win over #14 UNC-W in pool play brings Magnum solidly into the Skyd Top 16 at #11. A crash out at Mardi Gras or a poor showing at Easterns could mean Magnum is on the outside of the Top 16 looking in come Conference Championships time.

#12 Pittsburgh (OV) – An up-and-down start to the 2014 campaign for En Sabah Nur. With losses to the likes of NCState and UVA in pool play at ACCUC, Pitt will have to dramatically improve their play to hold on to the overall #1 seed at Warm-Up. Pool play upsets meant Pitt had to play UNC early on Sunday at ACCUC and therefore had an early exit, ending up in 5th place. The same at Warm-Up will mean an early exit from the Skyd Top 16.

#13 Florida State (SE) – DUF should be able to hold their second seed in Pool D at Warm-Up with little contest. The game against Wisco (and Sunday success) will be telling as to whether or not FSU deserves a permanent spot in the Skyd Power Rankings moving forward.

#14 UNC-W (AC) – The Seamen finished a disappointing 7th at QCTU. The pool play loss to Magnum meant UNC-W had to see their tournament end early at the hands of rivals Dark Side on Sunday. Taking the pool would have meant they wouldn’t have seen each other until the final, if UNC-W made it that far (they would have most likely taken on a Harvard team in semis that was playing well). Instead, the Seamen were out early on Sunday and because of that see their ranking fall, too.

#15 UCSD (SW) – The Air Squids set themselves as the early season favorites to take back top honors in the Southwest region by winning Santa Barbara Invite. Going 3-0 on Saturday in a pool that included eventual runners-up British Columbia and getting the job done on Sunday and UCSD sneaks into the Power Rankings for the first time in 2014. Now the work begins to stay there.

#16 Texas A&M (SC) – Despite a tournament victory at Big D in Little D, the quality of competition while other teams battled at QCTU and Santa Barbara means a slight slip in the ranking for A&M. They have their work cut out for them at Warm-Up, being in the same pool as #6 CUT and #8 Florida. Big results could mean big jumps in the rankings, but anything less than breaking seed could see them fall out of the Top 16 completely.

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