Are You A Callahan Award Candidate?

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The race for the 2014 Callahan Award has started and by the end of May we’ll have winners for both the Men’s and Women’s Awards. Don’t know who they’re going to be yet, but we do know they’re going to be great athletes, leaders and people. For each of the previous 18 years the Callahan winners have always been tremendous; this year will be no exception.

With over 10,000 college players eligible for the Award, chances are you’re not going to win. And with over 600 college ultimate teams, chances are it won’t be your teammate either.

But that really doesn’t matter; the Callahan stands for excellence in the sport of ultimate, and every single college team has a player that comes closest to embodying what the Callahan stands for.  So, are you that person?

Ultimate fans and players would like to know. When ultimate fans read about college teams, watch games on the internet, see tweets and posts, they want to know: who is that team’s Callahan candidate? Who does that team think is its most valuable player?

And the earlier individual Callahan candidates are identified in the spring season, the better it is for the sport. No sport may be more about “team” than ultimate, and to be successful you need a team of players, not one individual superstar…

But fans, press, sponsors, they want someone that represents what your team is about. Every single college team, whether they’re ranked #1 in the nation or #300, should honor a teammate and nominate that person for the Callahan Award.

Let that person know, let the whole world know, that your team recognizes the work and commitment that’s been made by that player. Ask your team captains, “who’s our Callahan Award candidate this year?” If you are a captain, figure out a way to select a candidate, determine your candidate, and then nominate that player.

Candidates can be nominated here: The deadline for nominations must be received by the extended deadline of March 25th, 2014.

Charles Kerr
2014 Callahan Award

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