Power Rankings: College Open (3/7/14)

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2014 College Tour

The 2014 College Tour is presented by Spin Ultimate

Power Rankings and 2014 College Tour Presented by Spin Ultimate.

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#1 North Carolina (AC) – In order for UNC to retain the top spot they needed to beat then #2 Mamabird on Sunday and go on to win the Stanford Invite. They did both convincingly.

#2 Pittsburgh (OV) – The only team in the country to record a W against #1 UNC, doing so en route to an undefeated, seed-breaking Saturday at Stanford Invite. While Dark Side got the last laugh in the final, Pitt bested the likes of #10, #5, and #8  along the way and get a huge boost in the power rankings as a consolation prize.

#3 Colorado (SC) – After a poor showing on Sunday of the Stanford Invite, Mamabird deserves to fall. But how much? Did they just run into North Carolina at the wrong time? We think so.

#4 Florida State (SE) – Their defense is something else. Sometimes it’s a little much, but they get the results they need. Losing concentration in games was a problem at the Stanford Invite that DUF is hoping to work out. If they can control the mental lapses on the field, DUF becomes a threat not only in the Southeast region, but the entire nation.

#5 Wisconsin (NC) – Quality wins in Stanford against #11 UCSD (twice) and #9 Texas means Wisco…stays right where they have been since the preseason at #5.

#6 Florida (SE) – Southeast regional rivals #4 FSU (+9) and #13 UCF (-10) made big moves in the rankings this week with their respective results at SI. Meanwhile, Florida dominated TiV like they did in the early 2000’s. Back when there was actual top-notch competition at that tournament. Still, they got the job done so Florida sees a slight improvement in their ranking.

#7 Minnesota (NC) – Apparently stuck in all the snow in the great, white north and can’t make it to any regular season events so far, save sunny Florida Warm Up. Therefore, Grey Duck is also stuck at #7.

#8 UC-Davis (SW) – The Davis Dogs turned a lot of heads with a high finish at the Stanford Invite. The semifinals loss to Pittsburgh wasn’t pretty, but that was their worst game of the weekend by far. Davis should be considered the favorite coming out of the Southwest.

#9 Texas (SC) – A tough weekend against even tougher competition. The wheels completely fell off in the pre quarters against #5 Wisconsin. TUFF will need to pull themselves up by the snakeskin bootstraps and fix glaring offensive mistakes if they want to make it out of a tough South Central region, and furthermore, make a national title run.

#10 Stanford (SW) – After a poor start to the season, Stanford changed the direction of their team around from ‘falling’ to ‘middle of the pack’. At least they’re back in with the Top 16 pack, though. Welcome back, fellas.

#11 UCSD (SW) – Ho hum. Another Cali-based tournament, another solid result for this season’s surprise from the West Coast. The battle between the Air Squids and regional rivals UC-Davis for the top spot in the Southwest will be a fun one to watch as the season unfolds.

#12 Carleton (NC) – CUT slips in the rankings a bit this week, but it’s no matter. What does matter is getting back to a state of normalcy after such a tragic event. You are all forever in our thoughts.

#13 Central Florida (SE) – At times, Central Florida looked like they could be back in the finals of Nationals when playing at Stanford. The rest of the time, they were a little stale. When they were on top of their game, a strong defense led the way. But unless they can work out the kinks, how far can they climb?

#14 Texas A&M (SC) – The Dozen train seems to be firmly planted in College Station. A&M is still riding early season results into the Top 16…for now.

#15 Oregon (NW) – An atypically miserable weekend for Ego. Lots of work to do on both O and D. But one bad weekend does not an unranked team make. It does, however, make Ego’s ranking plummet the most of any team this week, from #4 to #15.

#16 Harvard (NE) – Harvard’s trip to their west coast counterpart’s venue was quite literally average, finishing the weekend at .500.  Good wins against #8 UC-Davis and #15 Oregon mixed with bad losses to slumping #9 Texas and #13 UCF indicates Redline’s success this season is TBD.

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