WJUC/WUCC 2014: TOC Statement on Accomodation

by | July 23, 2014, 1:21pm 0

Today, Skyd received this official communication from the World Junior Ultimate Championships Tournament Organizing Committee:

In building this event, our priority has always been to provide players with world-class fields and playing facilities. Thanks to all the hard work of the last 2.5 years, our team has achieved this, overcoming extremely complex logistical challenges, and setting ourselves the highest possible standards for a top-class event.

The location is stunningly beautiful, and the fields are even managing to withstand the rainiest year in this part of Italy for many, many years. From the very beginning in building this project, our aim has been to build the best possible tournament in order to give players the experience of their life. And we aim to remain true to that objective.

In terms of building the non-hotel accommodations, we contacted some of the biggest companies in the continent to provide top-level services. The companies we used are specialist companies that have provided services and material for the Soccer World Cup, the Olympic Games, Expo2015, and other major international events. However, we have found ourselves in a position in which some of these contractors did not fulfill the expectations that we were justified in having in them. We are now working round the clock (24/7) to fix the things that needfixing (while running the tournament), in the best possible way, as quickly as possible, to give players the service they were expecting.

To do this, the Event Managers are dramatically revising the dormitory facilities. Cleaning operations, electricity, hot water, and water infiltration have already been sorted out, and many more aspects will be taken care of within the next few days.

We will contact all the teams individually, over the next very few days, to understand all your concerns, and to work towards a solution that is closer to your expectations.

We’re still confident that, with your continued collaboration, we will build together a successful tournament despite the glitches.

Massimiliano (Max) Vitali

WJUC-WUCC event manager

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