Letter to the Editor: Mad Hatter

by | November 18, 2014, 10:30am 0

Dear Mr. Trotter,

I would like to submit a formal request that your magazine bring back the “hat” portion of product reviews.All Skyd Magazine product reviews, circa 2013, included a section of the review dedicated to assessing each product on its merits as a hat. Please see enclosed printout of the review of the Five Ultimate Handwarmer, posted April 15, 2013.As the premier source for reviews of gear and accessories related to the sport of ultimate, I have always relied on Skyd Magazine for comprehensive information about potential new purchases to augment my swag stash. When considering whether to buy the rebooted Five Ultimate shorts, that expensive but swanky Patagonia R1 hoodie, or even a clip that keeps a disc connected to my backpack, I know I can trust Skyd to post an honest review in no way compromised by the magazine’s relationship with any particular provider of ultimate apparel.That is precisely why it is so disappointing to see how your recent product reviews have, very conspicuously, lacked this section entirely. No mention of whether the Five Ultimate Triton Shorts, Five Ultimate Duality Pants, Five Ultimate Practice Duffel, or Heckler Ultimate Duffel could theoretically be repurposed as a hat.

The last product review to include a hat section appears to be your own review of the Five Ultimate Boxer Briefs, which performed “surprisingly” well in the hat category (4 out of 5). Let the record show that I did not appreciate Jonathan Neeley’s treatment of the hat section in his review of the Patagonia R1 hoodie; 10 out of 5 is not possible, and “Yeah sure whatever” is an aggravatingly tepid assessment for a product which ACTUALLY INCLUDES A BUILT-IN HAT. You may call it a hood—but a hood, sir, is kind of a hat.

Speaking for all members of the ultimate community whose gear purchases were informed by your reviews, especially for those individuals whose days were brightened by the humor derived from imagining various and sundry accessories being worn as a hat, I humbly request that all future gear reviews include this “hat” section.

In appreciation of your reliable coverage regarding gear and accessories relevant to the sport of ultimate, and in return for an express commitment to include, in each of those reviews hereafter, a section on whether the given product serviceably functions as a hat, I would like to contribute to Skyd’s 2015 Fundraiser. I am now prepared to purchase the $20.00 Skyd Fund package, which includes a pair of Five Ultimate sunglasses. I will then send you a photo of me wearing the sunglasses as a hat, which I feel is befitting of my request.

I wish you all the best in your fundraising efforts for 2015, and look forward to many more product reviews.


Glenn Alan Poole

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