What Are Your Predictions for 2015?

by | December 30, 2014, 9:32am 0

When don’t we get to the end of December and say “it’s been a big year for ultimate?”

The answer, as far as I know, is never. There’s a reason for that: ultimate is still relatively young, and it’s small enough that the community still processes change together. “Still,” of course, implies that these two conditions may not always be around.

And that’s what we’re here to discuss: where are we heading? What are your predictions for 2015?

Last year in the college division, #Micklemania and Ohio State were the stories. What should college fans be watching for this year?

Is Scandal headed for a Club Nationals three-peat? What will Fury look like without Matty Tsang?

On the men’s side, will Bravo defend its title? There’s a new face in semis just about every year. Who will that be in 2015?

The US dominated Club Worlds, with Riot, Revolver, Drag’n Thrust, and Boneyard all winning gold (and the first three over another US team). Will that continue at Beach Worlds in Dubai this March?

USAU has a lot going on: a new board that includes NexGen founder Kevin Minderhout, programming to bring girls’ participation numbers up to the same level as boys’, and Beach Nationals in May. How do you see that panning out?

Where will the pro leagues be this time next year?

Countries all over the world are working to keep up with the cutting edge. Whether it’s winning a world title or building a sustainable youth scene, who’s next in line to level up?

The Olympics is changing how it selects new sports, and that could mean ultimate is closer to getting in. Will we feel optimistic this time next year?

Post your thoughts in the comments, and we’ll work on finding a sponsor for Skyd’s 2015 Nostradamus Award. Until then, happy new year!

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