Anatomy of an Offseason Meeting

by | February 4, 2015, 11:29am 0

One of the values I’ve always, well… valued about ultimate is our staunch “do-it-yourselfness”. It’s amazing to imagine that at the highest level of the sport, our on-field heroes are off-field volunteers in player-run organizations: keeping track of expenses, securing field space, booking flights and taking care of logistics.

For those of us who have played club and college ultimate, nothing illustrates this better than the traditional offseason returners meeting. Nagging teammates who still haven’t paid last season’s dues, catching up with friends you haven’t seen since Regionals/Nationals, discussing what you’re going to change this year to finally become the team you always wanted to be, and topping it all off with the ever important captain elections.

Another of the quirks I like about ultimate is twitter banter. Over the past few seasons, teams like PoNY and Machine have creatively used their team twitter handles to give fans a humorous insight into their team culture and off-field occurrences. But this season, we might be seeing a new challenger in the tweet game. Last night, an anonymous insider with the password to Truck Stop’s twitter account decided to cheekily live tweet the team’s offseason meeting, while friends, rivals, and former teammates heckled along from outside.

Now, I don’t know a lot of the Truck Stop guys, other than putting names to faces in our coverage of them in the last four years. But yesterday, I felt like I was part of the team, as over the course of two hours, our hero perfectly captured every relatable moment and every team personality in a rare look into the slapstick ridiculousness that can come with being on an elite club ultimate team. Read on and enjoy:

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