Maddog Through the Smog: We’re Here!

by | March 8, 2015, 11:51am 0

We made it! Considering Friday started off with a hectic waddle-sprint to the train with my bags, the rest of the travel was, thankfully, uneventful. After 16 hours in a plane with very little sleep, at least for me, we landed, purchased the requisite limit of alcohol/person duty free (you can’t buy in the city), and split a cab to JBR, the area we are all staying in. The taxis have an alarm that dings anytime the car goes above 120km/hr, a warning readily ignored by our driver. We have already managed to make fools of ourselves by really awkwardly walking into a random person’s apartment after transposing the digits, but have finally arrived on the correct floor to take in the view.

First impressions: the endless concrete of Los Angeles, the dense skyscrapers of Hong Kong, and the flashing lights of Tokyo.

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So far English is prevalent, which is not surprising, but a little disappointing because communicating through gestures is always fun.

Airport architecture.

Airport architecture.

The temperature is pleasantly cool in the evenings this time of year, it seems, but it’s hazy out – hard to say whether it’s smog or dust. It’s probably smog and I just think it’s dust because I watched Interstellar on the plane.

The view.

The view.

My apartment mates: Sally is working, Cree is reading Yelp reviews, Ness has disappeared to her room, and Jessi hasn’t yet arrived. We need to be up in time for a 6:45am throwing sesh on the fields (that’s 9:45pm  on the East Coast, for your reference)* so it’s time for me to stalk the girls I coach one more time (they’re at a tournament) and head to bed.

*Editor’s note: Anna wrote this on Saturday evening, Dubai time.

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