Flatball Radio Podcast: Ep 1 – Kevin Minderhout

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Flatball Radio’s mission is to create a home for ultimate stories. So far, the medium for telling these tales has been via live storytelling, which means a lot of well-crafted, workshopped stories that are 5-10 minutes long. While I love that form of storytelling, I’ve started thinking about other ways I like to experience stories, which has led to thoughts about diversifying Flatball Radio.

I also really enjoy listening to an unfiltered, conversational and spontaneous format. This is to say, I’m a podcast geek. I love throwing on a podcast at the gym or on a road trip. Spending considerable time with one program or one person makes me feel a deep connection and pulls me into people and stories in a new way.

I’m humbled that my friends are some of the most accomplished and compelling people in ultimate. I am often taken back by the engaging conversations I have with them about ultimate– it’s such a privilege  to have access to some of the best minds in the game.  These conversations, where we’re talking about the story of a national champion or the behind the scenes look at a major ultimate event, became the catalyst for pressing the record button. I felt like the talks that I had with leaders in the sport were so rich with stories that it should be shared with everyone.

I made five episodes as a pilot run for the podcast. They are five very different looks at ultimate, but all five are stories that I’m really proud to share with the community. I’m honored to have  Kevin Minderhout, Rohre Titcomb, Skip Sewell, Adrienne Bovee and Mario O’Brien + Matt Melius as guests. Skyd will be releasing one episode per week, and I hope you enjoy listening to these stories as much I enjoyed recording them.

Podcast Episode 1 – Kevin Minderhout

The first episode of Flatball Radio gets a very special guest in Kevin Minderhout. We get the inside scoop on his days with perennial national powerhouse Oregon Ego and, even more notably, his time as the owner of NexGen Ultimate. Kevin is definitely going down in the ultimate history books thanks to his contributions to the sport, and Flatball Radio was lucky to capture a few pages in his chapter.

Flatball Radio Podcast: Ep 1 – Kevin Minderhout by Skyd Magazine on Mixcloud

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