There Is No Offseason

by | November 5, 2015, 9:01am 0

The first step of any journey is always difficult. Often that step is one that you take by yourself to show the world you are actually going to do it. The second, equally important step is finding somebody willing to go with you. Someone who trusts in your vision and the direction you’re going. Someone to support you when times are hard and even carry you when things get real rough because they know you will do the same for them. If that person is a friend, then all the better. I asked Cassidy Rasmussen and he thankfully said yes.

Now, I am not sure how much I can say about Cass which hasn’t already been said. It’s also not my style to give compliments. Last week, Cassidy informed me that that the players and coaches voted him MVP of Revolver, which of course filled me with rage typical of when anyone beats me at anything. Right there, in the living room, I wanted to play him in a game of one on one ultimate. Instead I ate the wonderful dinner he had just cooked me and thought about another emotion, pride.

Two years ago when I started living with Cass, I told him that I could show him what hard work was, but couldn’t make him do it. Most people don’t even understand what it means to make hard work a way of life. Maybe they work out for a day, a week, sometimes a season but the ones who make a life out of it, who strive to be better each day, those are the ones that become great. There is no offseason, there is speed season, lifting season, active recovery season, yoga season, eat healthy season so on and so forth. Cass is one of the few ultimate players who has figured that out and his game shows the fruits of his labor.

So I think the best compliment I can give Cass is that he has earned all the praise he has received. Now let’s see if he can keep up because it’s time to raise the bar again. Welcome to the Roughnecks.

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