Robyn Wiseman Reviews TOKAY Ultimate Cleats

by | April 24, 2018, 3:08am 0

Sizing/Fit: 4/5

I have big feet, wear inserts, and also have narrow feet. This makes finding footwear really challenging when I get to try things on in the store, let alone order online without trying them on. I closely followed the instructions and had my roommate trace my foot. The sizing instruction describe the “maximum recommended foot size” for both length and width of your foot. Of course, my length put me exactly the “maximum size.” I ordered my cleats and anxiously awaited their arrival.

Unfortunately, they did not quite fit in the length. The width was perfect, but I needed a half size up. My roommate also ordered a pair of cleats and they didn’t quite fit her either. She also needed a half size up. I contacted Tokay, and was blown away by the customer service to get me the correct size. Robin responded and made sure that I got the correct size. With Tokay being an international company, I was so impressed with immediate responses that helped correct the problem.

When my current cleats arrived, I put them on and the length was great; however, the toe box is a little wider than I would normally wear. With my inserts, they fit fine. If you have long narrow feet, beware. It might be best to try someone else’s on before you order a pair!

I especially like the mid-cut model, because the elastane sock prevents turf pellets from getting into my shoes. I no longer have to clean out hundreds of tiny black rubber pellets every time I play or practice on turf. The sock itself is not too snug, and rather comfortable. I also tried the low-cut model and found it was much easier to get my inserts in and out of them.

Another added bonus: Tokay cares a lot about each customer’s needs for individual adjustments/modifications for fit. Their blog features instructions about how to lace your cleats, depending on what you need, how to tie your cleats so they stay secure. Do you have wide feet? Narrow feet? Weird pressure points? Toe pain? Heel slippage? There are tangible solutions to helping prevent those problems with easy-to-understand diagrams and gifs. Additionally, the cleats come with two different inserts. One is a bit thicker, one is thinner. It adds an extra layer of customization to ensure that they fit and support your feet the way you want them to. This added layer of customer experience helps make sure that your cleats fit you the best way possible.

Style: 5/5

I love the color scheme of the cleats. Both white and black pairs look so sharp. I ordered the black ones because I figured they would be easier to care for and keep them clean-looking in the Upper Midwest mud-bath that we refer to as spring. I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly the most stylish of athletes, as I prioritize function and fit over style. It was surprising to get constant positive feedback about how cool my cleats looked. Everyone has been asking, “What brand is that?” or “Where did you get those cleats?” I won’t lie, the cool factor gives me a little extra swagger when I lace them up. You know what they say, “Look good, feel good!” certainly applies.

Performance/Feel: 5/5

I love the cleat pattern. It has grip in all the right places, which is something that lacks when I used football or soccer cleats in the past. As a handler, I find that I can change directions easily; as a defender, I feel like I get the right amount of traction to react quickly and explosively to my offensive player.

I have had the opportunity to play with them on two different artificial surfaces, firm outdoor grass, and soft grass. I was happy with how they performed in all conditions, including the wet, soggy conditions outdoors. The bottoms are designed to have cleats that go the full width of your forefoot to enhance ground contact and stability. The rear part of the cleat is reinforced and provides additional support that provides the ideal amount of rigidity. I found that the cleat bottoms did not attract and hold as much mud and grass as other pairs I have had, keeping them light in weight, and enabling me to perform changes of direction without slipping.

Durability: 5/5

I haven’t had my cleats for too long and am not wearing them regularly thanks to all the snow we keep getting. However, I confidently that they will hold up against the conditions I will be competing and training in this year. The seams are well-made and well-planned — for everyone who has blown out a pair of cleats, it seems like Tokay reinforced or avoided seams in those areas. The attention to detail in designing and manufacturing these cleats surpasses any other cleat I have seen.

Hat: 1/5

Not that this category should be relevant for whether or not you purchase them, as they are designed for your feet, and not your head. With that said, if you’re an adult, the cleats will definitely not fit on your head. If you try really hard, you can balance them on top of your head and have a great view of the bottom color scheme (which is super cool). It would definitely work best for a doll or stuffed animal hat, so it gets some points for that.

Overall: 5/5

These are the best ultimate cleats I have had in awhile. They come with a steep price tag, but the attention to detail is worth it. Tokay cleats are lightweight, durable, and look really cool — all the details that contribute to a great playing experience across all turf surfaces.

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