The Greatest Ultimate Bag 45L Review – A Tournament Story

by | September 25, 2018, 8:33am 0

I woke up late on Friday. I had to travel to Bordeaux very soon, to participate in a beach tournament. I was playing with friends from all over and this was just an excuse to get together and share awesome times.

My bag was not packed. So that was the first thing I needed to do. I put both my kits into the the main compartment of the bag, a few towels, a fancy outfit for the party and some sweatpants to sleep in.  I still had room for my portable speaker, and my foam roller. 45L has a lot room for everything you might need for a weekend tournament.

The side pocket has different little pockets for different things. There was a phone pocket with a very durable protective cover, straps for pens and little pockets for power bars. I made the most of this side pocket and stuffed it with power bars for the trip!

Next I emptied the water out of the ice pack, I would need it later to cool my drinks and massage my sore muscles. Immediately after, I put my beach sandals in the roomy compartment where cleats are supposed to go. I had space to put some party shoes as well, and even my wife’s beach sandals. She did not own a Greatest Ultimate Bag, and did not have a compartment for hers.

I was about ready. Put my passport, wallet and ID into some secret pockets in main side compartment. My phone went into its special area, and I pictured the cover keeping the phone safe from incoming flying discs. Finally, my keys went into one of the hidden compartments, one that would prevent me from losing another set.

I was now fully packed and ready to go. I unzipped the bottom of the bag and roll it upwards, tying it down. That simple action transformed my duffle bag into a backpack. I strapped both straps on my torso, then put away my airport train ticket into one of the side pockets on the backpacks arm straps. I’m off to the airport.

The airport security check is a breeze, since the bag has all the specs needed to be a carry-on. Our flight is delayed. My bag now becomes a pillow to rest my tired head as I lay down to nap and recover from a long night of work.

We land. Off to the tournament. First thing I do is fill my icepack with water and freeze it overnight. That was going to come in handy when I wanted to keep our tasty recovery beverages cold during the warm beachy day of ultimate we had ahead of us.

The tournament went by fast. The forecast stated it would rain during the weekend, and it did not bother me one bit. I knew that my bag was waterproof and even had a built in secret: a rainfly that would keep the hardest of rains away from the inside.

The weekend came to an end. I put all my sweaty kits inside of the isolated compartment that was meant to keep all the smells away from my non-smelly stuff. It was the cherry on the top of an already awesome bag!

So, after this weekend of testing, I can say that this bag is perfect for ultimate tournaments. It is very well designed, and it is obvious that there was a lot of effort and thought put into it, caring for the needs of ultimate players, to deliver a high-quality product.

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