A tenacious defender, versatile thrower and aggressive cutter; CVH has dominated on the ultimate field for 5 decades. Playing his first Nationals finals with Cornell in 1978, Chris also competed in the USAU 2012 Grandmasters Championships. In his prime, CVH played for Windy City in the 80’s and Seattle Sockeye in the 90’s, winning the National Championship in 1983 and 1986 with Chicago and a world championship in 1997 with Seattle. He earned 3 more rings with the Kegworkers in the Masters division, 2 at Club championships and one at Worlds. CVH was a go-to handler who loved to cover the opponent’s toughest athletes. CVH’s longevity, titles, and multiple contributions as a youth coach, rules developer, observer, and organizer uniquely distinguish him.

Windy City

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Chicago's Windy City Ultimate was one of the most skilled, physical and controversial teams of the 1980s. The next article in Skyd's First Four Decades history series.