After a few years in Saskatoon and a few months in Calgary, Keith has taken his foundation as an avid Ultimate player, personal trainer and massage therapist. Due to his youth bowling career coming to halt in 1995, he had to take a step back and find his true calling into sport. After hanging up the bowling shoes, the pair of cleats were donned next in 2008. This year, 2012, has started off being a year of traveling, attending the Without Limits Captain Clinic in Grinnell, IA and a heads-up session with the knowledge/experience of Tim Morrill in Seattle. Although Keith has played for five years, he feels the best is yet to come. He is looking forward to meeting new friends across the Ultimate community and attending more tournaments.

Friday Night Lights: Saskatoon Parity League

by March 23, 2012, 4:00am 0

Canada’s Saskatoon has a unique way of playing Ultimate on Friday nights. The league, referred to by players as Parity, is specifically designed to create equality throughout the eight-team winter…