Liam hails from the rugged west coast of Ireland, where he currently runs his own surf school. Liam found himself catapulted into the Irish ultimate community during his time in the National University of Ireland, Galway, captaining the club and college team there. He may lack in talent on the field, but he makes up for it with shenanigans and tomfoolery off the pitch. Liam is truly in his element on the beach; he eats sand for breakfast. Liam competed for the Irish National Mixed Beach team in 2013, taking home a silver medal and a bundle of precious memories. He can be found at most major European tournaments flying the Irish flag at the bar.

Liam Grant’s TOKAY Ultimate Cleat Review (VIDEO)

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Liam Grant takes to YouTube to review Tokay Ultimate cleats.

Flyers Ultimate G1 Glove Review

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Liam Grant and John Doherty review the Flyers Ulti G1 Gloves.

Siege of Limerick: Secrets to Running a Great Tournament

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Since 2007, the Siege of Limerick has emerged from humble beginnings to winning Ireland's tournament of the year in 2015. Tournament director Liam Grant shares what they've learned along the way.

The Offside Trap

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Liam Grant has a bone to pick with offside penalties.

Heart of a Lion

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Revolver and the San Jose Spiders' Greg Cohen talks college ultimate and training, and opens up about how diabetes brought him face to face with his own mortality.

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After a shenanigans-filled trip to Lei-Out and visits to Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz in the first edition, Irish ultimate player Liam Grant brings us his second report.

Through Irish Eyes

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My name is Liam Grant, and I’m a tall ginger ultimate player from Ireland. Last month, I decided to sell my surf school on the West coast of Ireland and…

Unpredictably Irish: The 2013 All-Ireland Ultimate Championship

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In the land of saints and scholars, things rarely go to plan. Seventeen Open teams from all corners of the island descended upon on Cork City last weekend for the…