ANNOUNCING: International Gender Equity Personal Statement Week

by | January 9, 2018, 6:00am 14

Last week we released an open letter to Steve Gordon requesting transparency from the AUDL, and we await their response. That letter was a follow up to the release of our organizer statement and a community-wide petition.   

We have been inspired by the ongoing dialogue amongst members of the ultimate community in support of gender equity. We think sharing perspectives and genuine dialogue are the keys to positive change and progress.

With that in mind, we want to encourage and empower ultimate players and community members around the world to engage in the gender equity discussion as it pertains to their local ultimate community.

WHAT: International Gender Equity Personal Statement Week

WHEN: Tuesday, Jan. 9 – Mon. January 15

WHY/GOAL: To encourage more dialogue, especially on a local and regional level, around gender equity in ultimate.

WHAT TO DO: Craft a statement of your thoughts or beliefs, share publicly in whatever way makes the most sense to you. Seek to use your local context and perspective to respectfully engage in discussion and dialogue.  

Create a written statement, photo, video (whatever makes sense for you to express yourself, creativity encouraged!)

  • Publish via your team’s social media, blog or website
  • Personal twitter posts and online conversations
  • Instagram and facebook videos + conversations

If you don’t have time to write a long message, engage in small chunks

  • Engage others in online and offline discussion
  • Post your thoughts, tag others you’d like to engage
  • Collaborate with some friends, go back and forth on social media
  • Reach out to your local AUDL owner, ask questions, have discussion
  • Email your teammates or discuss things in person (ex. before or after pickup – chat about it over a meal)


  • Challenges in your local community as it pertains to gender equity
  • Relationships between you, local organizations, AUDL, etc.
  • Actionable steps that can be taken in support of gender equity

HOW: Listen, be respectful, be open, don’t blame

EXAMPLES: Ben Snell, Lyra Olson, Morgan Hibbert, Bert Abbott, Caleb Denecour, Laurel Oldershaw, Eli Kerns

HASHTAGS: #GEstatementweek #GenderEquityInUltimate, #GenderEquity

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  • Dennis Warsen

    Why is this group able to use Sky’D AND ULTIWORLD AS PROPAGANDA OUTLETS? Is this a letter to the editor? Are they a columnist who works for skyed or ultiworld? Did Peter Theil arrange this? The “organizers of the AUDL Boycott”? Seriously? This group of individuals is just that – a group of individuals with no prior affiliation with any reputable organization or non -profit. So why give them space on your “news?” site?

    • Johnny Walker

      if this is satire, i really enjoyed it.

    • Liam


      Skyd is a community platform, which, as per our mission statement, is “dedicated to celebrating the sport of ultimate with honest, original content”. Anyone with a story to tell, or an informed, rational, well-researched opinion is welcome to use Skyd to voice it to the broader ultimate community.

      P.S. if you misspell Skyd one more time, I’ll have to kill you ;-)

      • Dennis Warsen

        Thank’s – SKYD ! got it. Did the ‘organizers’ identify themselves somewhere and are they a credible, established group was my original gripe/ question – but I found out. all good

    • marf

      Careful Dennis, your outdated opinions are showing.

      • Dennis Warsen

        Yes, outdated things like journalistic integrity, vetting of content, and having a resume before a news outlet publishes your story. I’m a big fan of Skyd – and Ultimate – and seem to be the only one saying “let’s grow this sport” .. period. I don’t know you Marf .. but perhaps a new slogan for those who disagree or feel such concepts are outdated might be “Make American Ultimate Great Again” cause you’re definitely saying somethings wrong with the game that we collectively play and you’re gonna make it better .. that is a negative approach. How about we concentrate on the Real World first when it comes to solving problems – and if you’d like to see more women playing the GAME of ultimate frisbee, like I would, then go recruit some players, start a women’s team, or a whole league. Add to the greatness of the game! Stop detracting.

        • marf

          Thanks for the sage advice Cribber.

          My name is Martha Gregory, I’ve engaged with you a bit on FB around the time your film came out.
          I am, in fact, working to make our sport better every day. I’ve coached high school womens, I currently coach college womens, I’ve helped start 3 womens teams (one college, two club teams) and I’ve been playing elite womens’ for the last 4 years, I’ve been playing club for the last 8. I’ve helped run clinics for all ages and I’ve been an active member of every frisbee community I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of.

          Your comments seem all over the place. Firstly, I don’t subscribe to a “Make Ultimate Great Again” mentality because I don’t believe we’ve ever even come CLOSE to what the sport could be. Rather, I’m more of a “Make Ultimate As Equitable and Intersectional as Possible” kind of person.

          Secondly, how do you suggest we improve the sport we love without recognizing and openly discussing the issues that exist within it? It sounds like you hope to create change by being delusional, rather than pragmatic.. sounds vaguely Trumpian if you ask me.

          You seem pretty Pro-AUDL if your film is any indication so if you don’t want to listen to my pretty radical opinions by your standards, then I’ll happily invoke some of the names of elite male allies who might be able to help broaden your perspective.

          Don’t misunderstand me though, I have a lot of friends who play pro, I’ve been to many games. My boyfriend has played for two AUDL teams. There are those of us who think frisbee can be more than the sports that have come before it. More equitable, more welcoming, more accepting. I think the AUDL perpetuates a cultural value system that prefers men over women but it doesn’t have to be that way.

          I encourage you to do more listening Cribber, and less talking. Listen to the AUDL Boycott Organizers, listen to the women at the top of the sport right now, listen to the Boycott signees who played pro last season, listen to the experiences of the players of color who feel marginalized by this predominantly white community. Listen.

          • Dennis Warsen

            How incredibly arrogant of you .. right, you’re more informed, and can speak for everyone. because you play and coach ultimate and you’ve been to some AUDL games? Shall I give you my resume? I have coached and done clinics too .. for over thirty years, from Middle School in California to Colleges in Japan. And … real nice (if not childishly unoriginal) in saying I’m “delusional” and “Trumpian”. I guess you didn’t get the irony before you typed that. Using names like that as you talk to people who disagree with your opinion is disrespectful and disgusting (SKYD Policy?); and is definitely part of the problem with the world right now. I’m a fellow ultimate player Martha, and I voted wholeheartedly for Hilary, and I’ve listened more than you could possibly know – and thought about the game as much or more than anyone .. what’s wrong with you? we’re so much more alike than different and you’re just …. Anyway, best of luck Marha.

          • marf

            Forgive me, but you literally (and very condescendingly) suggested I do a bit more to get more women to play, so I felt it necessary to qualify myself; I was not just extolling my own virtues for fun nor am I interested in whatever pissing contest you seem to want to start. I mentioned having attended AUDL games because I was trying to own the fact that and I have supported it in the past in various ways and it’s a nuanced issue for me.

            You also attempted to make me out to be some sort of ultimate-MAGA purveyor so I was just giving back what you’d dished out in the first place. Maybe don’t do that if you can’t take it?

            I’m sorry if I sounded like I was trying to speak for anyone other than myself, that was not my intention. I’ll be more careful in the future. I was however trying to respond and elaborate on parts of the discussion that’s happening right now in the wider community that your original post started to address and with which I took issue.

            Frankly though, now I’m regretting even engaging because your response seems unhinged.

            Best of luck to you, Cribber.

          • Dennis Warsen

            I didn’t even know who you were – cause you’re nobody. Now I know. Martha Gregory, the same Martha Gregory who stalked me around Facebook till I had to block you. I guess you tracked me down again like a good troll does. I will leave this forum too – you win Martha Gregory. Congratulations.

          • marf

            If you count “disagreeing with” or “being critical of” your film as stalking then you must have blocked a lot of people.

            This has been a mind boggling experience. Me and my nobody-self seem unable to have any sort of substantive discussion with you. This is certainly the final time I try to engage you about gender equity.

            Fading back into obscurity now, ciao.

          • Dennis Warsen

            yes, best of luck. thanks for the segway – I wasn’t going to mention it. But my film Flatball, A History of Ultimate gives a good insight into ultimate – and a couple of raw ultimate playing characters in the 1980’s bring it to life. Narrated by Alec Baldwin and now on Netflix!

          • marf


          • marf

            I also recommend checking out and following the progress of The Sky is Red. A new doc about the current social struggles within the sport of Ultimate.