Athlete Benchmark – Josh Jamison, Salisbury Buzz Ultimate

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Yes, that's JJam flipping to catch a disc.

Jamison is the sort of player you want to keep your eyes on, because you never know what he is going to do.  Josh is less driven by the glory and more driven by fun. Watch this guy jam and you can see that he just loves to chase plastic. With zero club experience, JJam excels in the college scene due to his innate athleticism and desire to make the play that seemed impossible. JJam credits his success last season to the off-season speed-agility training implemented by Bryant Dean. In the creative winter training program Dean utilized medicine balls in order to bridge the gap between strength and power.  Jamison developed his explosive capabilities and transferred them to the field last spring.  This off-season Jamison has built on his athleticism and plans to show it off this spring as him and Scott Kirtland look to take Buzz Ultimate to into a ferocious swarm.

For those spectators in the Metro East this year looking to witness some acrobatic plays find Buzz Ultimate and look for # 22 –  JJAM.

Josh with the bid.


Name: Josh (JJam) Jamison

Team: Salisbury Buzz

Number: 22

Position: Cutter


40 Yard Sprint: 5.3 s

10 Yard Acceleration: 2.0 s

Vertical Jump (with approach step): 30″

Chose One:

Sky  –  D-Block –  Lay Out Snag

Callahan – Greatest

Ocean – Mountains

Jerry Garcia – Trey Anastasio

Stair Workout – Heavy Front Squats – Plyos/ Agility Workout

On to the next one (Jay-Z) – All My Life (Foo Fighters)

Agility – Quickness – Speed – Power

Foot – Block

Josh owns the competition at Roll Call 2009

Describe your playing style in 1 word.


What are your strengths as a player?

Learning from my mistakes. being relentless and throwing my body in any which way.

What are your weaknesses as a player/ what part of your game are you working hard to improve?

Handling and field awareness looking at the game through a coaching aspect.

What is your biggest asset as a teammate?

Doing the dirty work.

What drives you to play at the top of your game?

Enjoying the spirit of the game the flows through every individual participating.

Where and at what level do you see yourself playing Ultimate in 5 years?

On some club team chillin’ doing old school Frisbee and whipping up on younger cats.

What sorts of things do you do for off-season strength training?

Running, lifting, basketball.

What player/ person/ figure in history/ animal do you consider to be your biggest inspiration in life?

This guy named Pat Robison. He instilled the love of Frisbee deeply into my play style.

JJam gets a crucial D against Delaware Sideshow in the 2008 Metro East Sectionals Tourney

Who are your heroes and influences in Ultimate?

Same as above.

Did you play any sports in High School/ College?

Cross country, basketball, track, lacrosse

Agility – Quickness – Speed – Power- Endurance

Which quality (s) do you excel in?

Quickness, speed and endurance.

Which quality (s) are you working on improving?

Power and agility.

Josh goes up. Disc comes down. Never a miscommunication.

If you could share one tip with players striving to play at your level, what would it be?

You always can be better.

What is your favorite “let’s go!” jam (song)?

Finally Moving remix by Pretty Lights

What are your goals concerning the upcoming college season?

Understand all my teammates as well as I know myself. know their tendencies and movements by heart.

How are you going to achieve them?

Constant communication and instilling a love for the game.

How did you develop the name JJam?

Long time buddy, Timbo Morrill, likes to use the word Jam to signify hard work.  He says things like “are we gonna Jam or just play like hippies.”  I guess making Josh Jamison into JJam allows him to use his favorite work a bit more often.

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