Company Profile: Hardcore Ultimate

by | December 12, 2011, 4:00am 0

Welcome to Hardcore Ultimate.  Based in Bogata, Colombia, this small Ultimate retailer manages to churn out hundreds of jerseys per year, despite their small size.  Luis Chaparro founded the company back in 2006, and in 2010 his longtime friend Carlos Martinez jumped in to help grow the brand.  Together they co-own Harcore Ultimate, which has three full-time employees (Nora, Juan and Nicolas).

On their sleek new site (which is in English!), HCU sells a wide variety of products and ship internationally.  They have everything from the standard jersey/shorts to bibs, shells and hoodies.  The most outstanding part about HCU is that the clothing is made in-house by Hardcore employees.  There is no outsourcing whatsoever, so HCU is able to monitor the quality of the product throughout the entire production process.

Watch the video below for a look at what happens inside Hardcore Ultimate.  HCU sent it to Skyd in response to our request for an interview, and we have to say we appreciate the creativity, time and passion it took to make!

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