DIII Interviews 2012: Wake Forest

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Wake Forest WOMB come from Winston-Salem, North Carolina in the Atlantic Coast region. After a tied for 9th finish at last years DIII Nationals. WOMB came out looking at ACCUC and other big name DI tournaments. Though their regular season may not have gone how they wanted to, with two wins between ACCUC and Tally Classic, they finished the two tournaments that matter most leading up to Nationals with only one loss, which they avenged to make the big show. The question is which Wake Forest team will show up in Appelton, WI. The team that struggled to put up double digits on their opponents, or the team that allowed only one to score double digits against them. WOMB certainly seems hungry for more than just a 9th place finish, next weekend we can see if this is their year. And now an interview with Wake Forest Captain Brett Kaiser:

Notable Roster turnover, young team? Veteran team?

Brett Kaiser: The loss of five seniors after last season was certainly a worry for WOMB moving into this year. The leadership and composure each of these players brought to the field was critical in our tough games in D-III College Championships. Specifically, the graduation of John Malloy, captain, meant the loss of a major playmaker for WOMB. The loss of this very core group of seniors left WOMB in a very young state, with only two current seniors on the roster.

Up and Coming players, guys on your team that are going to be making plays come the season?

Brett: Two players stand out as the primary playmakers for WOMB downfield. Corey Casarella, junior, brings the athleticism and first-step speed to beat anyone in or take anyone deep. With excellent field sense and an uncanny ability to anticipate the direction of the disc, Corey is always good for a few big d’s each game. Tim Kreutzfeldt, sophomore, has grown a lot as an all-around solid player. Fearless in the air, Tim has developed into a very effective deep threat who will challenge anyone long. Besides pure athleticism, Tim is one of the smarter WOMB players and maintains possession of the disc better than most. The combination of Corey and Tim downfield cutting for WOMB is a dangerous one indeed.

Star Players, who would be your Callahan nominee? Who are the big playmakers and leaders?

Brett: Brett Kaiser, senior captain – As a three year captain, much of the offense is dictated by Brett. Not a specialist as a handler or a cutter, Brett tends to float in and out of different field positions, making him difficult to cover. Often starting in the ho-stack, Brett also does not hesitate to look deep or to the break side. As one of two seniors, he also brings an element of leadership and experience needed to harness the energy of WOMB’s young roster.

Corey Casarella, junior – Corey has become a key spark in the offense. Whether it is popping against a zone or taking someone deep from the inside cutter position, Corey is always an offensive threat. Unafraid to break the mark, Corey looks break side often to disrupt any defensive momentum that may be present. His natural athleticism also makes Corey an excellent defender. WOMB can put him on anyone with the confidence that he is capable of shutting him down.

Jay Sehgal, sophomore captain – Anchoring the handler set, Jay directs much of the offensive

movement, either through possession of the disc or verbally. With the utmost confidence in his hucks, Jay only requires half a look to put a deep shot to anyone streaking long. Defensively, Jay’s suffocating mark distracts handlers and forces opponents to work very hard to move the disc to the break side.

What tournaments are you planning on going to in the spring?

Brett: UOA Wilmington 5s – February 25 and 26

WOMB finished 1st in this tournament, undefeated both Saturday and Sunday. Winning 15-4

against High Point, 15-0 and 15-4 against Messiah, 15-3 and 17-3 against VCU, and 15-8 against

Radford, WOMB proved their dominance in every game.

Tallahassee Classic – March 10 and 11

Blue Ridge Thaw Out – March 24 and 25

Editor’s note: This interview is a tad out of date. WOMB went 1-5 at ACCUC before UOA 5s, and 1-6 at Tally Classic before the series. During the series they easily wrapped up play at Conferences leading to a #1 seed at Regionals with only one loss in pool play and eventually winning the lone bid.

Photo by Kevin Leclaire - UltiPhotos.com

Who are the big D-III teams and players to look out for, both in your region, and in the entire division?

Brett: Davidson is always a threat. Making it the finals of both Conferences and Regionals last year, they are a squad that is always in the mix. Their captain, Evan Carter, leads this strong D-III team with consistent and accurate hucks to very athletic downfield cutters. Capable of throwing a string of quick scores against any team, Davidson can never be counted out of any game.

Elon has improved drastically as a team. A new wave of athletic cutters has created an Elon team that always has a legitimate deep threat on the field. With the solid handling of captain Sam Lee, Elon is another team that can never be counted out of any game.

Is this your first time competing DIII? If so, what made you change your mind from last year? If not, how did you do last year?

Brett: This is WOMB’s second year competing in D-III. Undefeated in both Conferences and Regionals, we represented the Atlantic Coast in the 2011 D-III College Championships. Finishing 9th, WOMB is hungry for another chance to really make noise in the division.

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