DIII Championships Preview: Claremont Braineaters

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The season started for Claremont Colleges by hosting DIII Warmup, where they were able to notch two wins over defending division champions Carleton College GOP. While Trouble in Vegas proved a bit rockier, they were able to rebound and qualify for Milwaukee at their Conference Championships. Captain and President Zack Purdy answered a few questions about the Braineaters heading into this weekend. 

Skyd: How is this year’s roster different from last year’s? More young players? Veteran team?

Zack Purdy: We lost a small, but very talented roster from last year, including NexGen star Tommy Li, and all around baller Sam Trachtman. However, we took in an incredibly talented rookie class. Jimmy Bright-Dumm was the captain of Amherst High School last season. His hucks, skies and pulls put him among the best on our team. Will Marks is an incredibly athletic player who played on several Seattle youth and high school teams. Owen Bell led his high school team in Tennessee last year.

How did your spring season go? 

Our spring season was not bad. We did really well defending our home turf at DIII Warm Up, playing some of the best ultimate our team has every played against Carleton GoP. On the other hand, Trouble in Vegas was pretty rough. We breezed through our pool on Saturday, but then hit a wall against San Diego State to not even make it to quarters of the bracket. Sunday at Vegas was fairly windy, and we were low energy, so we didn’t play our best ultimate. Finally, we came out strong at Conference Championships, taking down a tough Occidental team, that’s better than I have seen them in a while.

Who’s been the team MVP this season?

Without a doubt, senior Devin Drewry. He’s been the cutter that drives our offense for three years now, and this year he’s started to become even more dominant in the air. He’s also developed a bevy of break throws and hucks that make him a threat on both sides of the disc.

Does your team have a coach? If so, what benefits have you seen?

Nope, we tried to get one, but logistics hurdles proved too much.

What will be your team’s focus until Milwaukee?

Fundamentals. We underperformed last year in the wind because we had trouble throwing and catching. If the fundamentals are solid, everything else tends to work itself out (See NexGen).

What was the most difficult game you’ve played this season? What set it apart?

 Our toughest game was against San Diego State University at Trouble in Vegas. We went up 3-0 with some excellent defense, but then they came back to win 9-7 (after hard cap). This game was set apart by San Diego’s smothering dump defense that we weren’t used to, as well as their extremely patient and consistent dump sets. They were able to maintain possession of the disc even after we shut down most of their downfield options.

Most teams set goals before the season – have you accomplished those goals?

Our goal every year is to win a national championship, so nope!

Rapid Fire Questions:

Song most likely to be played on your sideline?

Devin and I are huge TSwift fans, so despite the rest of the team’s likely groans upon hearing this, Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift.

Favorite highlight video out right now?

Great question! After Markham Shofner’s callahan video (which I made), I would say this one.

Which professional team do you root for?

I’m gonna be a total ultimate nerd and say the San Francisco Dogfish.

Favorite timeout game?


Which Game of Thrones character best embodies your team?

Jaime Lannister

The Braineaters start this weekend off with games against Wesleyan, John Brown and Wake Forest. For team specific updates and shenanigans, be sure to follow them on Twitter: @brainsultimate

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