SAVAGE All-American 2013 Team (Women’s)

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Skyd is proud to present our SAVAGE All-American Team for the 2013 season. The Savage All-American Team program awards the top players in each division for their excellence on the field as players and leaders. The recipients will be awarded a special Savage jersey and will be inducted at the 2013 College Championships in Madison. Congratulations to this year’s selected players.

Amanda Good, Colorado – Kali’s Callahan nominee is a standout defender as well as an extremely quick handler with the deceptive fakes and great breaks to beat any zone defense. Her Callahan video is an accurate depiction of her play this season.

Anna Reed, Carleton – Reed is a dynamic handler and the focal point of Carleton’s offense. Her quick give and go moves, full array of throws, and excellent defense when called upon have led Carleton to the North Central crown and the #2 seed overall. Reed missed Stanford Invite due to food poisoning and Carleton had their worst results of the season.

Bailey Zahniser, Oregon – Fugue’s Callahan nominee is the fiery leader of Oregon’s famous defensive line and a ruthless offensive converter on the turn. Read more about her at the Skyd 5 Callahan Candidates page.

Camille Nelson, Iowa State – Nelson won the Spin Ultimate MVP award at Centex and is one of the best receivers in the college game, both going deep and scoring and catching unders and hucking herself. She causes matchup problems for opponents and is great in the wind.

Catherine Hui, British Columbia – UBC’s Callahan nominee is possibly the fastest receiver in the country, and she’s representing her country at the 2013 World Games as one of the top 6 women’s players in Canada. Read more about her at the Skyd 5 Callahan Candidates page.

Chelsea Twohig, Iowa – Twohig is possibly the most complete player in the North Central region. Every team that plays Iowa gameplans around her, and her absence at Centex left the team lacking a dynamic offensive weapon. Her hammers and hucks helped Iowa dominate in the finals of Midwest Throwdown, and her ferocious mark intimidates opposing handlers and forces lots of turnovers.

Claire Chastain†, North Carolina-Wilmington – The Seaweed only go as far as Chastain can take them. She is a fantastic teammate and versatile offensive weapon, slotting in at any position and taking any matchup on defense. Read more about her on the Skyd 5 Callahan Candidates page.

Claudia Tajima, Tufts – The talismanic captain of a Tufts team that has gone from “happy to be there” to contender, Tajima is capable of getting the disc every other against any defender. Read more about her on the Skyd 5 Callahan Candidates page.

Liên Hoffmann†, Northwestern – Gung-Ho has broken through to the College Championships again, largely thanks to Hoffman, who is healthy this season after missing most of last year. She’s an outstanding defender and an agile cutter who helped lead Northwestern to a universe point victory over #3 seed Iowa State at Midwest Throwdown.

Lisa Pitcaithley, California-Santa Barbara – The Polar Bears and USA Beach Worlds gold medalist is playing women’s ultimate for the first time this season, moving from the cutter position to handle for the Burning Skirts. She is capable of playing every point during a college game, using her athleticism and top-level throws to move the UCSB offense downfield with ease.

Michela Meister†, Stanford – In her third year on Superfly, Meister yet again plays every important point for her team (and sometimes that means every point). Her deep defense in Stanford’s zone keeps them competitive, while her upwind hucks and scary athleticism make breaks commonplace. Meister played a vital role in Stanford’s comeback from a 3-8 halftime deficit against UCSB in the Southwest Regionals Final to win 12-11.

Paige Soper, Ohio State – With Soper finally at full strength this year, Ohio State rolled through Regionals and beat Pittsburgh 15-1 to make the Championships. With Soper battling illness at Centex, Ohio State scored the most upwind breaks of any team on Sunday of Centex before finishing second. Read more about her at the Skyd 5 Callahan Candidates page.

Sarah Meckstroth, Minnesota – Meckstroth has been the breakout receiver of this college season, helping propel Minnesota to the College Championships and making the U-23 Mixed team. She’s tall, fast, and strong in the air, and like Meister, she anchors her team’s zone defense. She can guard any receiver in the college women’s game and poses matchup problems for even players like Meister and Nelson on this list.

Sophie Darch†, Oregon – Once again Darch makes the All-American team, and as Zahniser’s counterpart on Oregon’s O line, she is responsible for Oregon’s efficient offense. If you try to deny her the disc as a reset, she’ll get it downfield and huck it for a goal. If you try to poach, she’ll find the open woman with a break throw or hammer. With Darch firing on all cylinders, Oregon’s offense may be the most efficient in the country.

† – 2012 All-American

Honorable Mention: Becca Miller (Iowa State), Brit Gartner (Wisconsin-Eau Claire), Mary Kelly (Virginia), Alicia Thompson (California-Santa Barbara), Lucy Williams (Washington), Hailey Alm (Tufts)

Freshman of the Year: Nina Finley, Ohio State – Watching Fever play, there are three players that stand out – Soper, Cassie Swafford, and Nina Finley. Finley, a veteran of the 2012 U-20 team, alternates between the handler and cutter positions depending on the situation and is especially deadly in endzone offense with her throws and her iso cutting.

Honorable Mention: Mira Donaldson (British Columbia), Laura Fradin (Tufts)

Coach of the Year: Lou Burruss, Oregon – This Oregon team has one blemish on their record, a loss to British Columbia at Pres Day that they avenged in the finals. They’ve won every tournament they’ve entered, and in interviews with Zahnisher and Bethany Kaylor his players credit his management of the team and his Clown Tent philosophy with the team’s strong on-field performances and mental toughness.

Honorable Mention: Kevin + Lana Seiler (Iowa State)


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