2014 Callahan Award Winner: Jimmy Mickle

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2014 College Tour

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Skyd Magazine and sponsors Discraft, the Triple Crown Tour, and Spin Ultimate, in conjunction with founder Charles Kerr, present the 2014 USA Ultimate Open Callahan winner, fifth year senior Jimmy Mickle (University of Colorado).

With #MickleMania sweeping the nation during the summer and fall as Jimmy ‘Dough Boy’ Mickle tore it up with Johnny Bravo, the excitement rose. Once the spring season came and Colorado Mamabird hit the field, that fever returned. And the only cure was more Mickle.

Mickle has become the player on and off the field every other should aspire to be during his time with Colorado Mamabird. On the field, his ability to control play on offense and defense makes him a threat against any opponent. Forcing him to cut usually ends in getting burned deep; while putting the disc in his hands is just as dangerous. Mickle brings the same intensity on defense, matching up against the best each opponent has to offer and consistently shutting them down. After winning their pool and a quarterfinal victory over Michigan, Mickle is leading Mamabird into semi-finals against Oregon Ego (and last year’s Callahan winner, Dylan Freechild) with the most goals and assists for his team so far.

Jimmy Mickle directs traffic for the Mamabird O line. (Kevin Leclaire - UltiPhotos.com)

Jimmy Mickle directing traffic for the Mamabird O line. (Kevin Leclaire – UltiPhotos.com)

Off the field, Mickle can be seen on the sideline showcasing his natural leadership skills as he guides his teammates play during off-points. If not, he’s taken another teammate aside to help personally improve their play, and his team’s play. He’s always smiling off the field, always instilling a sense of happiness and ease all around him. Often, Mickle is recognized for his strong spirit of the game and respect for his opponents and teammates – a trait he’s passed on to others in the game since his career playing ultimate began while in high school playing on Colorado’s YCC team and has continued through Mamabird, NexGen, Johnny Bravo and U-19 and U-23 USA National teams.

It is not only Mickle’s on the field play, but his spirit on and off of the field that earned him the honor of the Callahan Award this season. To not equally recognize those two strong aspects of his game would be a disservice. He has shown this season that he is the personification of the ideal ultimate player in the eyes of his peers, exactly as the Callahan Award hopes to bring out of our college players.

Mambird and Jimmy Mickle will be showcased in the Men’s Semifinals at 5:30pm EST on ESPN3.

Jimmy’s Callahan nomination video can be found here.

The ranked list of the top five vote-getters can be seen below.

Final Callahan Voting Results:

  1. Jimmy Mickle – University of Colorado Mamabird
  1. Will Driscoll – University of Texas TUFF
  1. Justin Allen – Appalachian State Nomads
  1. Mike Ogren – Central Florida Dogs of War
  1. Marcus Ranii-Dropcho – University of Pittsburgh En Sabah Nur

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