The Five Most Athletic Ultimate Plays Caught on Video

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Photo by José Pires

One of the unfortunate side effects of Ultimate’s underground status is the dearth of quality highlights available on the internet. When a great video makes the rounds, it’s a real treat to watch. We here at Skyd are on a quest to find the greatest Ultimate plays of all time caught on tape and we need your help. We’ve picked multiple categories of Ultimate plays, each category showcasing five videos which Skyd will be presenting over the next few months. After you watch each set, vote for the best one in the poll at the bottom. The top plays, as voted by you, will make it to a final showcase of the best Ultimate videos online.

An now for this week’s selections:

World Club Championships 2010 – Andrew Fleming’s Layout Score

In the quarterfinal match between Sockeye (Seattle) and Ironside (Boston) at the 2010 World Club Championships in Prague, Andrew Fleming of Sockeye gunned it down the field for a layout score that was nothing short of epic. The score put Sockeye up 16-14 and secured their place in the finals after winning the game 17-15. Fleming’s impossible catch even made it on ESPN’s SportsCenter. By the way, this isn’t the first time that Fleming has come up big with a nasty layout – check out this one from Dream Cup 2008 in Japan.

Colorado vs. SDSU – Beau Kittredge Jumps Over a Guy

Okay, so he might have traveled. But who can argue against Beau Kittredge (Colorado) jumping over Dave Flock (SDSU) from Southwest College Regionals in 2006? Even Beau himself can’t believe it, pausing to ask the sidelines “Did I go over him?” before making the final pass for the score.

Messiah vs. ESU – Jordan Winey Gets Airborne

We stumbled upon this lesser-known highlight in our search and it instantly made the cut, as we wondered, “Who is that guy?”. It turns out the video is from a three-on-three tournament in Allentown, PA in August 2006. Jordan Winey of Messiah College makes an incredible play for the disc and just keeps elevating, getting several feet of air to successfully sky Jason Morgan (East Stroudsburg University) in the end zone. We caught up with Jordan over e-mail to get the scoop: he’s never had his vertical measured, but has noticed that over the years, his “youngman jumps are slowly being replaced by oldman boxing out and positioning”. Jordan currently plays for Bear Proof, an open team based out of Harrisburg, PA. (Thanks to Steve Kheloussi for the video)

Michigan vs. Texas College Championships 2008 – Dave Fumo’s Sick Layout D

At Skyd, we appreciate syrupy defense. This layout D from Dave Fumo of Michigan MagnUM in pool play at the 2008 College Championships stands out over the rest. As Texas handler Jason Fortner (#7) looks to make an upline huck for the easy score, Fumo comes flying from seemingly out of nowhere through the frame to knock the disc out of the field. The intended receiver didn’t even have a chance. It’s the type of play that makes you want to take your pants off and play an all-layout point, knowing that even then, you will never match the greatness of Dave Fumo. (Thanks to Logan Braun for the video. See the full highlights reel here.)

Jam vs. Ring at 2000 Club Championships – The Greatest

In the world of Ultimate, many can claim to have seen a Greatest. Many can even claim to have seen a great greatest. Well, this play is a serious contender for the greatest Greatest… ever. This clip from the Above & Beyond DVD pits Jam (San Francisco) against Ring of Fire (Raleigh, NC) in the quarterfinals at the Club Championships in 2000. The disc ends up just outside the endzone, where a Jam handler throws an outside-in to the waiting receiver. The disc is tipped by several players, but Jam’s Jim Schoettler makes a spectacular play, heroically diving out of the end zone and flicking the disc right into the hands of a now-uncovered teammate for the score. You can’t… TEACH THAT!

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