Spin Reach Adjustable Trucker Hat

by | November 30, 2010, 8:00am 0

Designed for the open road and brought to the field.

In Spin’s Reach Adjustable Trucker Hat you could cull the wheat or cut your defender to shreds without getting one ray of sunlight in your eyes (actual scythes not permitted on an ultimate pitch).


Is it a hat? Yes. Yes, it is a hat. If you’re looking to buy a hat, this certainly is one. It fits on my head and hopefully your head as well. According to the tag, it fits on most heads.


The technical stuff: 47% Cotton, 28% Nylon, 25% Polyester

As far as hats go, Spin’s Reach Trucker sits pretty damn comfortably. There are no sharp edges to poke my eyes and no diodes stuck in the padding to disrupt brain function. The profile isn’t too deep and the crown doesn’t stick out like I’ve got some unbound, cancerous growth bulging from my cranium (an affliction of some more poorly-designed truckers).

The mesh back permits shampoo to penetrate the headgear allowing for in-shower wearing. I can’t speak to the efficacy of this hair washing method as I haven’t removed the hat in five days, but who cares? I’m wearing a hat and I’m excited about it.


It’s got a bill and some clippy thing on the back so people can adjust the size according to head circumference.

The reach figure is classically embroidered on the front left panel. From a distance the design is a receiver going for a sky, but upon closer inspection it could also be a Kokopelli grabbing for a monster sized doughnut.

Mmmmm, Doughnuts” – Homer Simpson

Additionally, the inner bill flap is the perfect lip to store the phone number of the girl who introduced herself as “Veronica” and invited you to her hotel suite in Hotel D’Or after you skyed a Beau Kittredge in the finals, winning the world championship.


Six color options and all the history an article of clothing can offer.

So, if duty calls and you need to haul six tons of raw cattle from Havre, MT to Pangburn, AR in the window of 32 hours, then you know you are going to look the part and feel the sweat stained caps of one thousand of brave truckers who have hauled before you.

Order the Trucker Package Special and receive a free sample of NoDoz, Dramamine, Teriyaki beef jerky, Hustler Magazine, Mike Steve’s novel A Waif’s Guide to Road Head: How to Make the Most of Your Mouth, and a loaded gun.


At $16.99, it beats the pants off of many Flexfit style of hats of comparable quality. Five Ultimate hats are priced at $10 but offer different quality. Still, seventeen clams for a hat is more than some might like to pay. Didn’t I used to get free eclectic trucker hats with way more hipster cred from my dad’s closet (with slogans like Momentum ’88 and Big Ricks’ School of Buck Hunting)?


Spin Adjustable Reach Trucker Hat$16.99

Since when did the trucker hat become the official head gear of ultimate and all youth baseball leagues? Most of the time when I look out on the pitch I feel like half of the offensive players are seconds away from calling a timeout to get Capri Sun and orange slices, or cruising to 7-11 for a tall boy and then big-rigging it to California to see their baby’s mama. But, that’s a beef for an Op-Ed, not a product review.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a trucker hat, then the Spin Reach Trucker Hat foots the bill. It’s a quality hat from a quality company and a great way to rep our sport. Show some Atlanta pride and get the sun out of your eyes in 3-6 business days (depending on shipping options).

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