2011 Preview – St. Louis University Loki

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School Name: Saint Louis University
Team Name:
Max Morgan, Austin Reed
Year Founded:
Jersey Colors:
Navy, Ice
Website: http://sluut.blogspot.com/

2010 Record
: 16-20
Score Reporter


How did you get involved with Ultimate at SLU?

Austin Reed: I’m a senior, and I started playing when I was a freshman because I thought I had played Ultimate in high school.  Really, I had no idea what I was doing.  Four years later here I am and love the game.

Max Morgan: I’m a senior as well.  I started playing Ultimate when I was a freshman in high school first during lunch at school then helped to create the Tulsa High School Ultimate League.  First started playing competitively in 2005 with open team Oklahoma Rawhide and have played ever since.  I knew I was going to play no matter where I went to college but I love the guys at SLU and it’s the best decision I’ve made.

Pat Porter on an in-cut against Truman St. at Midwest Throwdown in 2009

What is Ultimate at SLU all about?

Austin: Ultimate is all about playing hard on the field and hanging out and having a great time off the field.

Max: It’s all about having a great time while giving everything you have on the field so we can hang out off the field.

How did your team do last year?  What was the highlight of your season?

Austin: Our team qualified for Regionals for the first time in a few years out of the Ozark Region with a lot of parity.  We finished tied for 15th at Regionals, but it was great to play at Regionals. Probably the highlight of the season.

Max: Probably what Austin said, but for me the highlight was winning out on Sunday at Sectionals to make Regionals a possibility.

Who is your favorite team to play against?  Tell me about a memorable game.

Austin: Probably Truman State.  We play against them all the time so it’s not bad.  Most memorable game for me had to be at Sectionals last year, loser goes home, winner has one more game for Regionals.  We took half up one, then came out firing on a cylinders in the second half and they only scored one point in the second half.

Max: Truman State.  We know them and they know us so there’s always good chatter on and off the field during games.  Games are also fun to watch and be a part of because there are always good match-ups to watch out for.

What do your captains bring to your team?

Austin: Our captains are myself and Max Morgan, we don’t have a coach. Max brings dedication, intensity, and a wealth of Frisbee knowledge.

Max: I’d say Austin and I balance each other out pretty well; Austin is more of a strategic captain and I’m more of an on the field captain.

Are there players on your team who deserve consideration for Callahan, All-Region, or Freshman of the Year? Why?

Austin: Callahan/All-Region would have to be Max Morgan or Pat Porter.  Max is a great player who has all the throws and can come up with some ridiculous lay outs out of no where.  Pat is just a constant hustler where he just works to always be open and has phenomenal field vision.  FOTY, Garrett Bruce or Connor Noyes.  Garrett played for Sentinel this fall so he is already an experienced player that understands the game.  Connor also played in high school and is just a ridiculous human being.  He has the uncanny ability to float both while skying people and while making huge layouts.

Max: I’d say Pat Porter for Callahan/All Region because he’s such a consistent player that we can always count on to be open, make catches, and get the run-through D.  FOTY would be Garrett Bruce or Connor Noyes.  Garrett is consistent player that’s an experienced freshman as any.  Connor is just a straight up athlete with some sick skies and ridiculous lay outs.

What player is most likely to make a huge play as a thrower?  As a receiver?  On D?

Austin: Huge throws are coming from Max.  Receiver is going to be Justin Van Sant, he is tall and such a deep threat that it makes him open under all day.  And he’s going to get up over you.  On D, Mikey Manning, comes up with ridiculous layouts all the time.  Played goalie in high school so he knows how to lay out.

Max: Break throws are coming from me and our lefty handle Danny Commes.  Our main receiver is probably Pat Porter, he’s just open all the time.

SLU player and Gene Wilder look-a-like Pat Porter with his Oompa Loompas at Harvest Moon, 2009

Shut down D’s are coming from John Murphy; he doesn’t get the showy lay out D because he doesn’t have to when his guys aren’t thrown to because he shuts them down.

It’s easy to see when someone throws a huge huck or gets a layout D. Who’s a player you have to watch more carefully to see how valuable he is to your team?

Austin: Probably the Murphy Brothers, John and Danny.  Both of them are constantly hustling on the field and doing the little things right.

Max: John Murphy; his shut down D is easy to go unnoticed from the sideline but is valuable none-the-less.

What are your team’s offensive and defensive philosophies?

Austin: Our offensive is mostly vert stack with a little ho mixed in. Defensive is lock down man D.

Max: Run, run, run.  That’s pretty much our overall philosophy for O and D.

Has your team set any goals for this season? What are they?

Austin: Qualify for Regionals, then maybe win a game at Regionals.

Max: Make Regionals and then break seed at Regionals.

What has your team been doing this fall to prepare for the spring season?

Austin: We’ve been going to tournaments and taking lots of rookies to get them playing time and experience while getting some of the Sophomores and Juniors used to a larger role on the field.

Max: Practicing on the field, conditioning at the track/gym, and the occassional “chalk talk” for strategy and to get a better picture of what’s happening on the field.

What tournaments do you plan to attend in the spring?  Which are you most looking forward to? Why?

Austin: Frostbite, Chicago Invite, Music City Tune Up, Huck Finn?, Conference.  Probably looking forward to Conference the most because that’s what we worked hard for all year.

Max: What Austin said but I’d include Regionals in there.

What does your team do to get pumped up for a big game?

SLU at regionals.

Austin: The Ukulaila Cheer.  I literally have no idea what it means, but it gets us pumped.

Max: Ukulaila gets us pumped up as well as the “I Wish” cheer.

What song would you pick for the soundtrack for your team’s 2011 highlight video?

Austin: The New Girl Talk CD.  Or maybe Booty Call by Ke$ha.

Max: Any song by Girl Talk, Milkman, or Super Mash Bros.  Or “Bump and Grind” by R. Kelly.

Who’s going to win Nationals?

Austin: Colorado.

Max: Colorado or Carleton; Colorado had 9 freshman on their Nationals squad last year and Carleton is always a contender.

Does your team have any sponsors?
Hopefully our favorite local watering hole:  Humphrey’s Bar and Grill.

What do you think about the USAU college restructuring?
I’m extraordinarily confused on bid allocation.

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