Game of the Day: Alabama vs. Florida State University

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The sun had gone down, the moon had gone up and long ago somebody left with the cup, while FSU and Alabama were still exchanging blows to see who would get the coveted first round bye Sunday morning. Both teams had made it through the day 3-0 due to Wisconsin B dropping from the tournament. Unlike the other pools, the games would go to 15. That’s a good thing, because it took all 15 points to decide who would win this game.

Tim Brady and Alabama vs. Wake Forest

I joined the fray when FSU had made a run to go up 4-2. Needless to say, FSU was pretty pumped up to be leading this early and Alabama looked flat. Tim “True Grit” Brady and  a poachy 3-2-2 zone brought Alabama back into the game. With a near layout Callahan,Brady dished an easy backhand to tie the game at 4 all.

I stepped away for the moment to watch the ending of Clemson vs. Georgia Southern, but that’s the last time I would make that mistake. After Alabama took the lead 6-4, FSU would come roaring back on the play of Elijah “Skyjah” Grady and Nick Fletcher to take a 7-6 lead. After scoring on offense to tie the game, True Grit made his second appearance with a perfect full field huck to take half. At this point all of the other games had ended, night was approaching, and I was starting to get frost bite.

Florida State is certainly an emotional team, the Demented Ultimate Freaks (DUF) are a scrappy group full of passion. The danger is that when they ride that wave, the game can start to get out of hand. Alabama came out of the gate after half fast, bringing the score to 10-7 before anyone could blink. I personally thought that Alabama’s experience would start to turn the tide crimson’s way.

Luckily, DUF has a intense firey coach in  Peter Van De Burgt (whose name doesn’t escape me anymore), who knows how to get his players on the right track. Again,with big plays by the ever consistent Fletcher and the Skies from Grady, FSU crawled back into this game to make it 10-9. At this point, I was no longer predicting that DUF’s intensity would wane.

Alabama showed it’s experience by making a big play to slow down FSU’s momentum. This time Brady was on the receiving end on a beautiful break side back hand huck from Zack Moore. Peter Van De Burgt could be heard loudly on the sideline rebuking his players for giving up the opportunity. It was the proverbial kick in the pants that was needed, and it worked.

Peter Van De Burgt preps his players for a game against Wake Forest

FSU tied it at 11’s on a aptly placed hammer to the back of the end zone. Wasting no time, the lead was again in favor of the Red and Gold with a swift defensive beak to make it 12-11. Both teams proceeded to trade points to tie it at 13’s. This was by no means a clean game turnover wise. Both teams left numerous goal line opportunities on the table, and would continue to do so.

FSU took the lead 14-13 and seemed to have Alabama on its heels. True Grit showed up for the third time, but had to make up for it. After having a hammer point blocked at about half field, Brady found himself almost immediately on the mark. A sideline forehand was tipped out of bounds by number 8 giving the tide a second life. After working it down the field, a hammer was thrown to the back of the end zone hitting the receiver in the hands.

From my perspective, the disc was in the process of hitting the receivers hands while the defender had unintentionally bumped into his shoulders. The player was jostled while falling backwards which affected his ability to catch the disc. It was a very close call and an angry discussion followed. Peter Van De Burgt was none too pleased, but the situation didn’t get out of hand. After the disc going back to the thrower, Alabama scored to make double game point a reality.

At this point, every mistake was magnified, and there were a lot of them. Immediately after receiving the disc, Fletcher was on the receiving end of a low pass just out of reach. Bama’ had the disc 5 yards from the goal line and let the offense get set up. Moore made a break side cut as Brady put up a high double helixing scoober that would be tipped. Moore attempted to reel in the catch as he was falling backwards. Florida State was too hasty and subsequently turned it as the Crimson Tide were transitioning back into man defense. What was left of the crowd groaned in agony because the temperature was dropping rapidly and no one was willing to leave until this game ended.

A patient, but ill advised hammer was thrown giving the disc back to DUF. An errant pass gave Alabama the disc back, who again turned it over.

Fletcher uses his intense smile to intimidate his opponents

Immediately Fletcher sent a disc deep high and arching to the right. A player with a white number 8, who had been making catches all game long, snatched the disc out of the air. FSU was within 20 yards of the end zone. Logan Thomas stepped in front of an FSU pass to give Bama’ possession, but only for a short while.  A DUF player wearing number 16 (Florida State get your online roster corrected!), the most intense Demented Ultimate Freak I should say, blocked the disc with a flying horizontal layout D to make the play of the game. Finally, as the sun light was fading beyond the horizon, Florida State ended the game on an open side flick making the final score 15-14.

Enjoy your well deserved sleep you freaks.

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