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by | January 20, 2011, 3:19pm 0

Since Skyd began three months ago, I’ve been incredibly pleased with the reception and positive support from the Ultimate community. In that time we’ve published over 200 posts featuring the voices of some fantastic contributors like Tyler Kinley, Paul Illian and Colin McIntyre as well as over 100 college previews, product reviews, a ton of exciting interviews and more. At the beginning of the month, we launched our first ever Expert Trainer Panel and are excited about the opportunity to provide answers from professionals about training for the sport that we love.

Today, I’m pleased to unveil the Skyd Network (or SkydNet), a new part of our site that hopes to create focused places to enhance the discussion and coverage of the sport. SkydNet will be a series of contributor and staff powered sections or blogs that examine specific ideas and connect into a larger Skyd network.

I’m also extremely excited to introduce the first part of the Skyd Network: Inside Breaks. Created by Jonathan Neeley (USAU magazine, 87Til, Virginia Night Train, Axis of C’Ville) and Joaquin Nagle (Claremont Braineaters, Los Angeles Monster, Santa Cruz Ultimate Club), Inside Breaks is a place for in-depth, focused analysis of the sport of Ultimate. That means strategy, teams analysis, tournament re-caps and more from the Inside Breaks crew.

Inside Breaks has already put together an amazing set of 2011 College Profiles featuring some more detailed coverage on roster turnovers, team strategy and outlook for the 2011 season. They already have examinations of some of the nation’s top Open teams like Pittsburgh En Sabah Nur and Carleton CUT. Neeley and Joaq have also initiated a really interesting tiered Top 20 ranking system that they’ll continue to update throughout the college season. Inside Breaks looks to cut through all of the hype and examine Ultimate with a critical eye that will elevate the understanding and discussion of the sport. I’m thrilled to have them as a part of Skyd and the Skyd Network.

Skyd hopes to introduce more SkydNet blogs and sections in the coming months to offer the widest presentation of the sport possible. If you’re interested in being part of the Skyd Network please send us an email at

Bid or die,

Elliot Trotter
Editor in Chief

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