Product Review – Patagonia Capilene 1 Jersey

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Matt Davidman sporting a Cap 1 long sleeve jersey. Just look at that six-pack.

Comfort/Material (4/5)

It is hard to find a jersey more comfortable and smooth feeling on the skin. With a weight that is almost negligible, yet strength that protects when crashing to the grass, the Cap 1 is truly hard to beat. Coming in both a short and long sleeve, the jersey can be tailored for high temperature summer days or those lovely late fall and early spring tournaments without overheating or freezing to death. Not only does it have exceptional comfort, the Cap 1 comes with 15-UPF sun protection (if only it was actually sunny during the average tournament).

The one drawback is that the sizing tends to run small, and the jerseys can shrink during the printing process (though not Patagonia’s fault). This can create an uncomfortably tight fit.

“Cap1 is the lightest, most durable, and most breathable fabric on the market.  This simple shirt represents decades of research and development into performance fabrics.  With its fully recycled and fully recyclable content you can rest easy that your jersey is as easy on the planet as it is on your skin.” – George Plomarity, Patagonia Team Sports Sales Rep

Durability (5/5)

Good luck getting this jersey to tear. I have tested this product on all surface types, including sand, turf, dirt, grass and an unfortunate run in with asphalt, and the shirt just refuses to rip or wear down. These jerseys were built to last not just one season, but for your entire Ultimate career.

Style (4/5)

There is nothing to set the Cap 1 apart from its competitors in the style department, however it still looks good as an athletic shirt. With its trim fit and multiple color designs, and the ability to print easily onto the jersey, you can make the jersey of your dreams as long as you can think of the design to go with it. Don’t think about doing a sublimated jersey though. Patagonia does not currently offer that option.

Price (4/5)

Sadly, extreme comfort and durability do not come cheap. At $39.00 for short sleeve and $45.00 for long, these are certainly not the cheapest on the market. However, Patagonia does heavily discount for large quantity orders which brings the cost to $18 per jersey plus the cost of printing. As long as these are ordered for an entire team and not just a single player, this is will get a great deal on a great shirt.

Overall (4/5)

The Capilene 1 by Patagonia is one of the premier jerseys in the sport of Ultimate, and it has earned its reputation. Designed to be ultra lightweight and to keep moisture off the body, this jersey provides exceptional ease of movement with a tight, comfortable fit. Though expensive to order on its own, with the group rate this jersey is hard to pass up.

” Good price, great design and responsible production – what’s not to love?” – George Plomarity

Patagonia Capline 1 Jersey – $39 [$18 for team] (Royal, Chili, Lemongrass, Crimson, Mandarin, White, Black, Grass, Classic Navy, Marina Blue, Nickle, Canary, Papaya)

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Seattle Sockeye, Bay Area Revolver, San Francisco Fury, Seattle Riot, Boston Ironside

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