Callahan Watch – Miller Yoho – Clemson Joint Chiefs

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Every so often a player inspires a town, a city, and even a nation. They carry their teammates on their backs, figuratively and literally, while being a compassionate role model. With Clemson facing a collapse of their program with Ben Slade leaving, they turned to a local figure and pleaded for help. The answer? Miller Yoho.

The legend of Miller Yoho beings long before Ultimate. Miller was born into the life of piracy, not stealing music on Napster, but patrolling the coasts of Somalia. His mother was of Antarctican and Svalbardian decent, while his father was of Tasmanian and Aleutian decent, making for one tough child. He grew accustomed to wearing an eye patch as a young child, only using one eye to perceive depth. After being captured by U.S. forces in 1997, Miller was given the surname Yoho due to his pirate like nature.

School was difficult at first, as Miller couldn’t understand the social constructs of his new world. After adjusting and barely getting into Furman in Greenville, SC, Miller found one thing that made sense. Without his eye patch, Miller had an incredible ability to read the disc. Clemson was able to get to Miller to come to Clemson for graduate school after they threw in the series of Pirates of the Caribbean as a welcoming gift. It’s commonly known throughout the area, that he can yell out the exact point where the disc will hit as soon as the disc is thrown. In a trial of five throws, Miller was accurate within a standard deviation of 50 yards. This is why Miller Yoho is my early season pick for Callahan.

I was lucky enough to find Miller for an interview.

Who is your personal hero?
Probably my dad.  He is guy who was always there for me and still to this day rarely misses a tournament in the area.  He has always encouraged me to play sports and has grown to love ultimate nearly as much as I do.  But more importantly, he has taught me the importance of being dependable and positive person.


Jean Claude Van Damme

Looking up your lineage from your last name, how many members in your family are pirates?

We prefer the term Privateer.

When James Cox’s voice reaches above 5 dB, how do you calm him down?

I mock him.  Our team is pretty good about knocking each other down a few pegs when we are being dumb.  But James never really yells anyway, that falls under the responsibilities of our other captain Viper.

How many times a day do you breathe in and out?

According to Yahoo answers there are between 17280 to 28800 breaths that an average human being takes a day.  So I am going to go with that?
How did Furman teach you to become the best Ultimate player in the region?

Furman did make me a better player, no doubt.  With smaller schools (other than Carleton) there are less people to draw from and it kills the depth of a program.  Therefore, if you are one of the better players you need to put more on your shoulders.  Also if I had not have been hit by the injury bug in the past, I know I would be able to be considered for this question realistically.
Why was Furman disqualified for the national championship game? Were there boosters involved?

No comment.

Does your coach Ben Slade calculate probabilities in his head?

Yes.  He works for NASA.  I believe that was his entrance exam.

Considering you’ve won every single frisbee award that there can be, what left is there to accomplish?

Win a frisbee award.

People say that if you looked up Courage in the dictionary you’d see a picture of yourself, why is that?

Most people stop playing when they have had elbow surgery and a shoulder that subluxes out of joint on contact.  You can also can see my picture under “dumb,” or “too old to play college ultimate.”

Can you tell me a time when someone made you cry, and how that made you a stronger person?
Our captain Viper yells a lot.  I became his friend so he wouldn’t yell at me/make me cry.

With all the media attention surrounding your unpopular move to Clemson, how do you find time for yourself?

Disguises.  Everyone knows me in my ultimate uniform.  I actually clean up quite well for work.


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