Product Review: Patagonia R1® Full-Zip Jacket

by | February 26, 2011, 9:00am 0

The Patagonia R1 Pullover, comfy and stylish, but with a fire resistance rating of -5.

Ask the ladies of Pacific Lutheran’s Reign, they’ll tell you they love their “Pata-Gucci.”  Ask Zach Zaubi, he’ll tell you it won’t protect you from red hot embers.  Ask me and I’ll tell you the Patagonia R1 is a solid piece of UltiGear.

Comfort/Material (4/5)

When it comes to comfort, the R1 won’t disappoint.  Patagonia’s “Regulator® grid fleece” is responsible for making the R1 feel like a warm hug.  It’s light and breathable, yet helps retain heat when it is 40ºF on the battlefield.

Do I know how the R1 performs in 25º weather? No, but I reckon the next time I play in weather that cold, the R1 is going to make life a whole lot better.

Just one caveat: The R1 works well in combination with Under Armour® or under your jersey.  Since it is basically a shell liner, it isn’t wind- or waterproof.  It also attracts animal hair like a magnet, so have a lint roller at the ready if you hang with cats on a regular basis.

Pros: Keeps you warm and breathes well

Cons: Not wind- or waterproof

Durability (5/5)

Things I’ve done in my R1:
I’ve played in the sun and I’ve played when i couldn’t feel my fingers.
I’ve kayaked,
I’ve hiked,
I’ve milled lumber,
I’ve left gum in the pocket when i put it in the dryer.  Don’t do this!

Pros: The R1 has yet to show a fraying seam or hold a stain, though Zach Zaubi and I now have matching ember burns.

Cons: My gum is well and truly incorporated into the fabric.  The R1 melts rather quickly when you get too close to a hot camp fire.
Another thing you shouldn’t do in an R1.

Style (4/5)

Sleek and form fitting, available in 10+ colors. The R1 comes in several flavors:  “Pullover”, which features a 1/3 length zipper and one breast pocket, and the “Full zip” style, available with and without a hood, which has two hip pockets to keep your claws warm.

The R1 can be worn over a button up shirt or under a jersey -versatile style at it’s best.

Price (2.5/5)

Prices range from $60-140 depending on where and when you buy. Patagonia offers big discounts during their winter team sales, but only for a short period of time each year. (register your team with Patagonia to receive emails about this, or talk to your team representative if your team has already registered)

Your best bet is to check out Google Shopping, which can hook you up with all the options and the best prices.

Unless there is magic fairy dust in this year’s model, or you just don’t look good in autumn colors dammit, go with last year’s model and save enough money to pay for your jersey and shorts.

Overall Rating (4/5)

Pros: The Patagonia R1 is a great piece of multi-purpose UltiGear.  It’s light, it’s warm and it’s fast drying.  I play in it when it’s cold and warm up in it when it’s hot.

Cons: The price is a bit above what you might find from Five Ultimate, even with a team discount or sale price.
Patagonia R1 – $60-140 (Multiple colors)

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