Presidents’ Day Classic 2011 – Open Preview

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Presidents’ Day Classic
February 19-21, 2011
San Diego, CA
Score Reporter

Teams Attending (Skyd Ranking – as of 1/25):
University of Minnesota Greyduck (6)
Cal UGMO (7)
Oregon Ego (10)
University of British Columbia Thunderbirds (14)
Texas State Buckets (NR)
UC San Diego Air Squids (20)
University of Washington Sundodgers (NR)
UC Santa Barbra Black Tide (19)
San Diego State Federalis (NR)
University of Kansas HorrorZontals (NR)
Texas TUFF (16)
UC Davis Dogs (NR)
Dartmouth Pain Train (NR)
Carleton GOP (NR)
Colorado College (NR)
Cal State Long Beach Stalkers (NR)
Texas A&M Dozen (NR)
UCLA Smaug (NR)
Chico State Hopps (NR)
Arizona Sunburn (NR)

Jump ball for UGMO and the Air Squids at the 2010 Pres Day Invite. Photo by Amy Meeko Chang


As hosts of the season’s first premier tournament on the West Coast, UC San Diego is bringing out all the stops to return the Presidents’ Day Classic to its former glory. As long as weather is cooperative, this should be one heck of tournament, featuring all of the top talent that didn’t make it out to Warm Up – with exception to Pitt again. Teams from nearly every region are accounted for, including six teams that were at the 2010 College Championships, including quarterfinalists Minnesota and Cal. DIII National champs Carleton GOP returns to San Diego to show the country why Hawaiian shirts kick ass.


  • Will the weather end Presidents’ Day just like it did a couple of years ago? San Diego has not received rain in quite some time, and with foul weather forecast this week, will UC San Diego officials still allow play to occur?
  • How will Ego look this early? Ego lost both Eli’s and many other starters, but retains all-star cutter and possible Callahan nominee Cody Bjorklund. Couple that with Junior Worlds player Dylan Freechild, and Ego could look strong this year. Also look to the UCSD vs. Oregon matchup. UCSD beat Oregon at Nationals last year on universe point. Ego will have their shot at delivering pay back to the Air Squids especially on their home turf.
  • Will the Northwest continue its domination of the Southwest tournaments? At the Santa Barbara Invite a couple weeks ago, the University of Washington Sundodgers and the University of British Columbia decked it out in the finals, while many of the Southwest teams were left licking wounds (most notably UCSD, Cal and Stanford). How will the NW fare?
  • Will San Diego State upset Minnesota? This has the making for the most intriguing game of the weekend. Captain Tim Gilligan is a monster on defense. Just watch the footage of San Diego Streetgang vs Colorado Mamabird from New Year’s Fest. Minnesota is the most definite front-runner, but athletic and big plays from Dominic Leggio and Jackson Stearns could force Greyduck into a corner.
  • What’s up with the Sundodgers? While always a championships contender, they have not made it to the big show in a long time. However, with captain and Sockeye stud Phil Murray leading the charge, can they come up with some wins against some national caliber teams, and return to the Championships?
  • Can GOP win for the small guys? The 2010 DIII champs return many players from last year’s team, and are not going to settle for another DIII appearance.  Lets see if GOP can make some noise on the national level, and prove that two teams from the same school can make it big.
  • Where are Stanford and UCSC? Both are great teams with fantastic leaders who are going to have a shot at Nationals in the newly reshaped Southwest region. Word on the street is that they bowed out of Pres Day to go to the Kaimana Klassik in Hawaii. By giving up playing tough out-of-region competition, will they be well prepared for the series? Only time will tell.

Forge of the Air Squids gets up over UCLA Smaug at the 2010 Pres Day Invite. Photo by Amy Meeko Chang

Players to Watch:

  • Cody Bjorklund (Oregon Ego) – Callahan nominee, most consistent cutter out there.
  • Dylan Freechild (Oregon Ego) – Junior worlds stud.
  • Josh ‘Forge’ Nickerson (UCSD Air Squids) – 5th year cutter, the offense flows through him.
  • John Norris (UBC Thunderbirds)-Furious George handler, maybe the best handler at Pres Day.
  • Aaron Liu (UBC Thunderbirds) – Furious George handler. Big, consistent throws. Works well with Norris.
  • Sam Kanner (Cal UGMO) – CUT alumni.  He knows how to win, but will he still be nursing an injury?
  • Phil Murray (UW Sundodgers)- Fresh off a club season with Sockeye, team leader.
  • Tim Gilligan (SDSU Federalis) – Always comes up with a D, Streetgang player.
  • Dan Hoff (Minnesota Greyduck) – Makes big grabs in big games, played with Subzero.
  • Taylor Lahey (UC Davis Dogs) – An old Junior Worlds baller, commander of the Dogs.


  • 2/16- 80% chance of rain, high of 61
  • 2/17- 30% chance of morning showers, high of 62
  • 2/18- 60% chance of showers, high of 64
  • 2/19- 70% chance of rain, high of 58
  • 2/20- Partly cloudy, high of 61


Tim Gilligan of the Federalis gets a layout block on Cal UGMO at last years Pres Day

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