Product Review – Savage Arm Sleeve

by | February 20, 2011, 8:00am 0

Black is soooo in right now. Courtesy of Savage Ultimate

Lots of Ultimate players love basketball. Rightfully so since there are several similarities between the two sports. We both use the word pick, and in both style is the most important part of the game. Thankfully, now you can be ballin’ like Allen Iverson with Savage’s new Arm Sleeve.

Comfort/Material (5/5)

These babies feel as cool as they look. Made from Strato-Stretch fabric, the arm sleeves keep your arm dry and cool. Made of nearly 100% polyester, this puppy will protect your throwing arm from the elements. If you live in a rainy area like the Northwest, you can wear the sleeve over your Under Armour if you care to keep your throwing arm extra warm, and not have to worry about it restricting arm movement at all. I especially like to wear these bad boys when its nice out to wipe away sweat and dirt after one of my sweet bids.

Hat: (0/5)

If you have a super skinny head, and you enjoy being able to call a constant vision blocking foul, then this is your go to hat. If not, I probably would not attempt to wear this thing on my head. I mean, the name says it all: an arm sleeve is probably meant to go on your arm.

Style: (5/5) 

The Savage Arm Sleeve helps with big hucks...or pretending you have huge throws. Photo Credit Jerry Keister

Currently, you cannot buy Savage’s arm sleeves individually; they are team order only, son. Savage will probably have all the colors (black, gray, purple, yeti, dollar bills, and white) available in their online store which opens on March 1st. The unique aspect that makes these arm sleeves way more ballin’ then Nike arm sleeves is that Savage can make customized/sublimated arm sleeves for your team. Imagine throwing a huge inside out flick your team’s logo on your arm. Pretty fucking sick.

Price: (2/5)

These arm sleeves won’t clean you out, but they ain’t cheap. Individually, they are $20, so you may not be able to have an arm sleeve to match every jersey/short combination you own. But I would pay $20 to have a yeti on my arm. I would also pay $20 for the compliments I have received on my arm sleeve. Compare that to Nike’s basic color arm  sleeve ($15) and you have got yourself a choice. Go with the yeti.

Overall: (3/5)

Savage’s arm sleeves are comfortable, look cool, and therefore, ball pretty hard. While the price might dissuade some players, those who realize that looking good is the most important rule of Ultimate will be sporting these bad boys for decades to come.

SAVAGE arm sleeve – $20 (Black, gray, purple, dollar bills, yeti, white)

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